I miss…

Here I am, on a boring Wednesday night, typing furiously. I had slacked off so much, I didn’t accept two ReviewMe assignments that pay me USD75 per piece that expired. That’s a lot of shoes there. My mistake in not checking my other email which password is only on my Mac.

Talking about shoes, the other day I bought one ciplak pair of shoes. After one weekend walking in the rain, the blardy sole came off right at the most freaky moment. I was at Komtar for a PC, which I was asked to go. And you can imagine how I walked with the front of the sole opened up like some bad politicians mouth. The nga-nga, fly trap type of mouths?

So, it means I had to drag my foot or the sole sort of roll down like a tongue. But it is not easy to drag the feet cos the carpet is thick. Therefore, it is very silly to lift the foot up and step down so that the half roll of rubber sole doesn’t cause me to fall. And guess where I need to walk? Through the ‘big boss’ opis to the VVIP room. I tell you…if not for the blardy sole and my concentration on not tripping over, I would have paused and asked him if I can take a picture of his opis so that I can post it on my blog and say, “Look ma! I am at the OPIS!”

Damn, where was I? Ok, I want to say..

I miss making shitloads of USD. I have lesser and lesser income in USD now because I have reduced the time I spent on writing crappy paid posts about online universities, diet pills and stupid stuffs that I won’t touch myself.

I miss watching TVB drama series.

I miss Moses Chan. (the Hongkie actor lah)

I miss reading books. I have half-read – The curious incident of the dog or what liao? The time traveller’s wife and two other books which I haven’t opened from the plastic wrapping. *hangs head in shame*

I miss taking photos. I enjoyed the solitude I had at the paddy field this morning. There is something therapeutic about taking photos with the DSLR compared to video filming. With a camera, you just focus on the subject. With the video, you need a lot more visual and audio concentration.

I miss going for holidays because the freaky schedules my kids and hubby had. I was telling my sons to ‘let’s get away’ this school holiday. All by ourselves without your father since he is so busy with his new job and auditing. Since your mother can drive to Permatang Pasir, she can go anywhere already. But guess what my son reminded me? “You go lah, later your husband find ‘seh-ee’. (mistress)” I told him, “Chey..I trust my husband wannnn….” And he (my son lah), “Are you sure?????????” Now I am not so sure. There goes my idea of having a holiday with the big, taller than me 3 sons and the most adorable six years old, alone. Minus the accountant. I was dreaming of signing away everything minus the nagging.

I miss dissing people. Just the other day, when I was at Berjaya Times Square to take photos of Merdeka, I didn’t notice someone until I went home to check my photo. Lo and behold, in the photo is my ex-HR mgr. The one whom I shouted and quarreled because he cursed whoever did anything to him, will get punished by Lord Murugan because he said he carried the kavadi for 7 years. He was so blardy aksi with his MIC last time and if I had seen him that day, I would have grinned and asked him, “Eh, has Samy Vellu appointed you to replace him yet?”

I miss ranting on my blog recently. Last week, I went to cover some DAP event and LOL, there sitting on the VVIP table with LKS and LGE was my ex-boss (not exactly the immediate one cos I was with another one, the principled one who taught me all these ‘tiger wrath’ character). I almost went over to LKS and act like I know him very well just to show, “Nah, think if I don’t work in your company, my kids and I will die of hunger meh?” It is really funny lah. Once upon a time, they sucked up to Gerakan and MCA. Sucked up so much, I was trained to kowtow to Teng Hock Nan, Koh Tsu Koon and even Tan Gim Hwa like gods like that. When I say kow tow, it literally and physically kiss arse kind of kowtow. Thank God, I am now living in a different kind of state government. But then, same shits, same bodeks and same kiss ass rituals. My only comfort is I don’t see LKS or LGE bend over to him yet. At least I don’t see the ‘fake laugh, huge jade ring handshakes’ kinda China-man por-lam-pah action that night. I have seen enough of those, I scratch your back, you scratch my balls kinda ‘kam-cheng’.

So, what was I about to say again? Oh ya, I also miss writing things that don’t make sense. Like this one.

Oh ya, I wonder if Tiong King Sing wants to be my atm? Mr. Tiong, will you be my atm, puhleeezzz…I won’t ask for RM10 million lah. Just five will do.

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  1. Oh, that shoes thingy… I had learnt a lesson too. I used to like buying cheap shoes in China. A pair of ‘leather’ low boots only costs RM20. Then, after using, I found out that, they used double sided tape to seal the ‘leathers’. So you can imagine, it just open up like that, all over the place. Can’t they just sew it or use super glue??!!

  2. Take a break lilian, u serious need one 🙂 btw i admire what you have in your life great family, work and interest !! keep up the good job ,, hehehe or else u kena goreng sayur liao… kekeke…jk

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