Interview Lim Kit Siang

This is for my own personal reflections. Please view the above video and hear what YB Lim shared about his detention under the ISA twice.

So, in my entire life, I never even dream that I will one day sit down, one-to-one, and talk to the man himself. He is like that iconic symbol of the rocket. The white shirt, the shiny hair, square jaw, square shoulder and the glasses. I remember following his ceramahs in the 80s and early 90s but was never impressed because at that time, I was working in a company which DAP used as part of their election campaign. You know lah, I was faithful to my employer and when DAP kept accusing my bosses of things, I surely defend my company, right? Corruption (to me back then) is but a mere ‘kamcheng’ I scratch your balls, you scratch my back kind of ‘friendship’.

Then, the only two times I saw Lim Kit Siang in person was at the Air Putih service centre opening. I was too nervous to even ask to have a photo taken with me. My hubby got impatient holding the camera, with me who whispered, “Aiyerrr..I dare not ask, but I want to take picture with him, how lah…sked….dunno he can scold me or not…..” So, my hubby the impatient man loud loud said, “Go lah…” and LKS heard and turned around so I boh pien had to meekly stood next to him and snap one photo.

Then, the second time was at LKS’s house because my sifu from Mkini asked me to go video. It was urgent. That was one nervous situation because I didn’t even know why I have to go to LKS’s house to cover what story.

For the ISA interview, actually, I was supposed to arrange for one of the CJ in KL to interview LKS. But somehow, he was in Penang so he gave me the green light. I tell you, I was damn nervous. Breakfast also tak lalu already cos tension betul. I got the appointment in the morning and already psyche myself ‘I think I can, I think I can, I think I can’. But lucky CM also gave me the appointment. So, after I went to Komtar, I feel less nervous already. Yet, I skipped lunch because I was still veerrrryyyy kancheong.

But it turned out that inspite of the very strict, very stern and very DAP facade, LKS in person is a very friendly. Phew…..Mrs. Lim is very sweet. She excused herself when I was interviewing YB Lim. We don’t usually see Mrs. Lim in the limelight but YB Lim paid tribute to her that the women are the bravest. Hmmm…one day I must get an exclusive interview with her because she must be one very extraordinary woman to went through so many trials and tribulations being Mrs. Lim and also the mother of the CM.

I am so thankful for the honour and opportunity to meet and talk to the man himself. After the interview, I cabut fast fast after a drink of water. Wuah…then only I realised I am very hungry and went to makan before I go home.

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  1. Make one interview with Mrs Lim. It would be a great one. The pain that she go thru and also the difficulty. I must salute to her. She is definately a BRAVE woman – a super keng wife and super hero mama………………

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