Twitter Updates for 2009-08-20

  • I think I know why Hainanese women like me extra typhoon. Cos in the temple hor, all female gods lah. LOL, wait for my video.. Women rules #
  • Tiong King Sing – Will you be my atm, puhleeeeezz?????? #
  • Rudely awake fm nap coz i dreamt of a female hugging me! Oh no!!!! Hungry lesbian ghosts are in love with me. But I want Tiong King Sing! #
  • Habis lah…nak jadi hero konon. Dah gali lubang masuk kubur sendiri.. #
  • Cilaka Youtube removed my video which is 11:42. Ish! Watch it on Facebook. #
  • Freedom Friday cos kid has full day care. Looking for something productive to do…Shopping? Video documenting? Movie? Guilty pleasures… #
  • Hensem Rohaizat ada bini dua? Ish, who cares lah! #

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