Freedom Friday

Recently, I seem to have special names for my days. Today is Freedom Friday. I have total freedom because my little boy needs to be in full day care as the kindie is taking them for recording for their concert. So that they can lip sync on the real day. Like 9pek9bo said, they are training the kids to be diva/whatever male version of diva so that next time, when they become superstars, they know how to lip sync.

Before I crap more, please visit Suzette’s blog and read her appeal for a childsize wheelchair by some Christian group. If you think you wish to help, please contact her. Probably they should also contact the Kapar’s MP. Politicians love to help. Ahem…

On Wednesday, my kid opted to stay for full day care eventhough I wanted to bring him home for a couple of hours before I send him to his recording studio. I called him and he didn’t want to come home! When I picked him at 5.30 pm, he was so full of adrenalin, happy, skipping about and saying goodbyes to his friends and thank yous to his teachers and the cook.

This morning, I asked him if he wants to come back after kindie but he was so looking forward to full day care again. My hubby ‘mm seh tak’ (cannot let go) and kept asking him if he has enough to eat in school lah, got nice chicken and rice lah (tricks to tempt him to come back), told him he can come back and play first before mommy sending him lah…..Aiyor, I was secretly praying, Say no to your papa, go full day care so mommy can shake legs at home. Very easy for hubby lah, he stays in the aircond office all day long, communicating with human adults, giving orders. Me leh? I stay at hot home all day long, cooks and communicate with my Facebook and blogs only. So pathetic, no?

Since I have a full day today, I am going out soon! Not sure where. As long as I have my credit card with me and a little cash in the pocket, I have the world. Whee! But first, I will go to Komtar and see got any berita panas. Usually, it is some state administration stuffs which I may video but didn’t publish cos it is not my job to feature everything. I only touch on certain issues.

Maybe I will go see some soppy, romantic love movies which all the males in my house refused to go with me. Or maybe, I will go have a cup of coffee. Eh, do they have Starbucks or Coffee Beans at Komtar? I don’t want Georgetown White Coffee.

5 thoughts on “Freedom Friday

  1. First to post..haha.

    Why your males don’t want to follow you to watch leh? Boring movies..? too lovey-dovey kind? haha.

  2. Lilian, thank you very much for mentioning this. Kapar MP ah? Thanks for this idea. I will let Lotus Planet know. BTW, Lotus Planet is not a Christian group, it is non-religious nor racial based. But Kapar was recommended by a Christian group to us. 🙂

    I will take your advice and let LP knows. Thanks a LOT!

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