Songkhla Aquarium

My youngest boy loves acquarium. All kids do. But this one, he will sit there and stare at the fish. Run to read their names, both common and scientific names. Go back to the tank and stare further. Not sure why but he must know the names of the fishes. Why can’t he just be satisfied with Nemo or the blue fish, or the dotted fish. He has to know the names. The blardy names. When he can’t see them, i.e. if they place the label too high, poor me has to read for him.

(good pics, bad pics, lousy pics, spoilt pics, all here. I use some Hi resolution, no flash because flash is not allowed in the acquarium)

Today, we went to Songkhla Acquarium after we checked out of our hotel around 1.30 pm. The distance from Hatyai to Songkhla is 27 KM. It is a nice ride, with lots of Thai-ish things to see like ‘how many can you fit in a bike’ to ‘how many animals can you fit into a pick-up truck’. You know what? I have never seen a single policeman on the road or in town. It is like a free for all, no rules, no boundary kinda place. Yet, the drivers are all very polite, drive very slow and they honk because it is the norm to greet or let others know they are coming.

I went into the acquarium with my little boy only because the older two are not amused with fishes swimming anymore. Moreover, it is not cheap as adult is 200 baht and kid is 100 baht. There are go-cart and ATV circuit outside by the beach. Oh ya, weather in Hatyai was fabulous. It is actually very cold, breezy and not humid at all. At night, it is shivering kind of cold. Weird to experience such cool weather.

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  1. the only place that i’ve been many times in Songkhla is the prison. was helping a friend who got framed by the police. luckily he’s out now but really regretted helping him, he doesnt seem to appreciate it. now `kang kui’ already.

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