OK, I am done with posting photos

This is the last batch. I promise. I know no one has time to look through 130 photos but who cares…I better store them online using Picasa web album because it is awfully easy to upload. It takes just minutes. I don’t want my laptop to khong kha khiao, and all my photos disappeared. I have external hard drive with 1 TB storage but I am too lazy to plug it in.

4 thoughts on “OK, I am done with posting photos

  1. Picasa’s storage so expensive. $20 for 10GB per year. If you don’t pay them, you only get 1GB of storage.

    I rather use Flickr at unlimited storage & bandwidth at just $25 per year.

  2. vincent – I got Flickr Pro for many years already. But I am not storing big time on Picasa, just random batches of photos so I am not buying Picasa.

  3. When I was there at Songkhla, I ate seafood near the beachfront and then bought the very nice coconut ice cream from a street vendor. Wah I want to go again! I also went to Phattalung for seafood.

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