Twitter Updates for 2009-08-24

  • The best thing to do on a rainy day like this is to nap. And nap I did. #
  • Let's sing! To tune of Barney, "I sue u, u sue me, v r sueing Malaysians, with a great big sue fm me to you, won't u sue me for sue u…' #
  • is crawling to hide in a cave cos she said stuffs abt Lim Kit Siang n he now features the post on his blog #
  • OTK, fight what ka'chng lah, u r supposed to fight for the Chinese community, not for yourself n yr RM5M ego lah #
  • And why Nuffnang doesn't have 'Most Obnoxious Blog' category? Chey…all the categories so lame one #
  • RT @timothytiah: @5xmom haha Lilian. We didn't need to have it cuz we know u would've won it every year #

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