Hungry Ghost Festival – Ancestor Worship

Another video post.

These are clips I took at the Hainan Temple and also Phor Tay Institution. Hainan Temple is one of the Penang Heritage site. Like I mentioned in my previous post, the deities (or gods) in the temple are mostly females. The highest deity is the Kuan Koong which is placed very high, almost at ceiling height. One can’t see the Kuan Koong. Only can see a Tua Pek Kong which is the old man with white beard. The rest of the deities are all females. Interesting eh?

Now, you may wonder why I put the Hainan Temple in a video call Hungry Ghost Festival. Well, essentially, the festival is more for us to remember our deceased love ones. In the Hainan Temple, they place the memorial of the Hainanese folks who had died. Since, I am a Hainanese, I decided that they are part of our roots.

And then, I also include the special prayers for the deceased at another location, the Phor Tay Institution where my parents’ memorial is placed. Note the baby bottle filled with chocolate milk? I hate looking at those milk bottles because it is kind of sad to remember babies whom had died. Well, over the years, I have gotten over the hang-up. Long time ago, when my baby Vincent was cremated, the silicone teat of the baby bottle I burnt along did not turned into ashes. Instead, the silicone teat was still in shape. That’s why I hate looking at those offerings.

Anyway, I went there to film and to pray to God for His mercies. May His grace be upon the dearly departed. Amen.

P/S : As a Christian, though I don’t ‘pray’ or believe in hungry ghosts anymore, I still think we have to respect and remember our deceased love ones and have mercy on those souls who probably have no one to remember them.