garlic bread

“Dear…you clever hor? You married a Hainanese woman and now all your sons also can cook. Right investment, eh?”

(For your information, Hainanese folks are famous for being good cooks because when they came to Malaya, they were recruited as cooks for the British colonial families. Many Hainanese went on to open restaurants. That’s how you get Hainanese coffee, chicken rice, chicken chop, Inchi Kabin (some fried chicken) and other delicious foods.)

(this was a bit rare so we threw it back to cook for another minute)

“So, now your sons are half Hainanese and lucky they get my cooking genes. Hakka people not known to be very exquisite cooks, you know…”

(Meanwhile, Hakkas in China used to be poorer peasants and hence, their dishes are more ‘rough’ i.e. using basic ingredients of herbs, vegetables and pork, lots of them.)

sirloin steak

My #3 son who is 13 years old love to make garlic bread. He enjoys cutting the bread, slather it with butter and cheese and bake them. Today, I added some chopped garlic which has been sweat (fry till soft) in olive oil and a bit of salt to make it less pungent.


Meanwhile, my #2 son who is going to be 17 years old in another few days (that’s 28th hehehe, private joke) made some spaghetti carbonara. I didn’t take a photo of that because we ate them before I could shoot.


And of course, #1 son is now pretty much expert, whether cooking western foods or baking. He is into Chinese cooking now. Interesting….He bought some tenderloin and sirloin from the butcher today and we had steak. Wash it down with carbernet sauvignon (or red wine) and I can say I celebrate Barisan Nasional’s loss in Permatang Pasir.

garlic bread

Cost of foods.
Garlic bread : RM4.30
Steak : Abt RM30
Pasta : Abt RM16 (because we used nice bacon that costs RM10 and real cream.)
Wine : RM50
Total : RM100

Satisfaction level : Priceless