Twitter Updates for 2009-08-25

  • Feels like mother bird with a nest of hungry birdies that ask, "Mom! Hungry…got what to eat?" #
  • Pompuan Bee End garang betui #
  • RT @limkitsiang: From three stations Sama Gagah PAS majority 594; Permatang Pauh 523; Kubang Semang 498. Total majority of 1,615 #
  • RT @tianchua: Latest: Mohd Salleh Man PAS 5646; Rohaizat Othman UMNO 2272 #
  • Ini macam tengok 4D lucky number ni…..nombor bertuah, beli 10 besar, 10 kecil. Get a life, Lilian! Stop watching the numbers #
  • RT @satriaasia: PAS wins #
  • Facebook seems screwed. Sometime cannot access, sometime cannot post comment. #
  • Got the Final Cut working but the farking Canon MOD format is driving me nuts. #
  • is trying to figure how out to phrase a sentence without getting her butt grilled. #

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