Twitter Updates for 2009-08-26

  • Don't MahChaiAaa.. got better leaders than one who thinks he is worth RM500M and one who keeps personal friend? #
  • Today must be one of my lucky days. Heh. #
  • I think my Canon FS100 is either farked jor or my video editing software chisin liao. My video all got pixelate pixelate like that. #
  • Time to 'teh' my atm for a new HD Panasonic video cam….. #
  • RT @timmysay: How did the kampung Buah Pala folks viewed yesterday's election results? Do they think UMNO/BN will still help them? #
  • Khir Toyo is really delusional. In the 1st place, why the double standards? #
  • A man asked me to read The Female Eunuch. Gee, which part of me says I am a feminist, huh?LOL #
  • Kenapa chef-chef mat sallehs tu semua macho-macho belaka manakala chef Malaysia tu manja-manja pulak? Mesti sambal belacan punya pasal ni… #
  • RT @bongkersz: @5xmom er.. kesimpulannya… makan sambal belacan = pussified? #
  • Menu for dinner -tau yew bak, old cucumber soup, choy-tam garlic and white rice. They r simmering in the kitchen, waiting for my loukong #
  • Mama bird has finished feeding mama bird and her four birdies. Burrrrpsss #
  • RT @tianchua: Attending Mass at SFX PJ specially dedicated2 recovering health of Father OC Lim whose b'day is today. #
  • #
  • Video editing wud hv been fun if my stupid software doesn't crash so often. There goes my padding shots epic drama. See LGE face enuff la #
  • Hmm… I wonder which is more evil? Having sex or misappropriation of funds? #
  • "Do you know about the Kampung Buah Pala issue?" Someone woke me up from my morning with tt question. #

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