This post is titled ‘Draft’ because like many of my posts, it will end up in the Draft bin and never get published. Actually, I have nothing interesting to write today. I am now waiting for my wheat, soya beans and artichokes to be ready for harvest. If I go to sleep now, they will be dead by morning. And my little boy will scream, “OH MOM!!!!! Look what you did to my farm! You never take care, now all die (wilted), waste money lor…..”

Sigh….only a mother can stand such nonsense. Forsaking sleep (not that I am sleepy lah) just to wait a few more minutes for some stupid online farm produce to get 100% ready for harvesting.

And that’s not the only nonsense I live with. Today, being the good housewife day, I cooked dinner. Three dishes. Tauyew bak, stir fry choy-tam (like baby cabbages type) and old cucumber soup. I cooked rice.

And this son of mine ngik-ngik-ngok-ngok complained my rice is too soggy.

It goes something like this….

Him : Ah maahhhh…your rice like porridge, all lumpy, how to eat?

Me : Shaddap lah, your little brothers like it that way. I put in lots of soup, they all wallop. If too dry, they need to chew.

Him : Aiyor….my gawd….you see…it sticks to the ladle, how to eat…

Me : Got food to eat, better go thank God, somemore complain.

Him : Really one….next time put less water lah….

Me : Hoi, my husband hor, married me for twenty years, TWENTY YEARS YOU KNOW…. also never complain. You so clever to complain, go find yourself a wife and go cook all you want lah. Kacau oni….

Hmmm…good housewife day. What a nice name, right? I must now identify each day with something. Let’s see…today is Thursday. I have nothing much to do, so let’s call it the Tulan Thursday….The mission is to make people tulan. But I am such a nice person, how to do it lah?

Oh ya, I just read that Chua Soi Lek is expelled from MCA for the sex scandal…Hmm…now, I wonder which is more evil? Having sex or misappropriation of funds?

Ong Tee Keat said this, “We did so with a heavy heart after giving much consideration to the damage inflicted upon the party image, brought about by the sex scandal featured in the DVD.”

Actually, hor, brader Ong ah, Chinese hor, don’t really give a shit when men screw. Men will take it as a triumph. Women will take it as fate. Except for feminist, garang, si peh chiak women like me who is all out to ema..ema (err..what’s the word again? To cut off the balls?) men. Talking about that, today someone asked me to read a book, The Female Eunuch because he said I would be interested in that. He thinks I am a feminist! Yay! Thank you, Sir! *flattered*

Anyway, I guess Chua Soi Lek will be warmly welcomed in PKR? Cos PAS sure cannot accept him unless he is willing to be potong. And I don’t think Lim Kit Siang will take him in because LKS has the steel principles. If all the political parties won’t take him in, he can always make a living in the porn industry, no?

7 thoughts on “Draft

  1. CSL humped his personal friend like soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long ago y now only expelled??? dirrrrrrrrrty politics.

  2. sy – The irony is, he humped but those MCA Chinese still voted him in, regardless. Proven my point that Chinese don’t care about fidelity that much hor? Now they only using it as an excuse to kick him out.

  3. still doesn’t change a fact that he’s still a free man despite being charged under the same penal code that put dsai in prison.

    if u ask me, either he shld get a prison term or just freaking repeal the old law la.

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