You know…I am quite an expert in giving birth. Of course lah, I had five babies before mah, right?

So, today, 28th August 2009, I am celebrating my 17 years of my heroic act. There is a sadistic streak in me, I think. I am the kind who must do something at least once in my life time.

When I had my first son, he has to be delivered by caesarean birth because I was a virgin my birth canal wasn’t quite ready and he was too big, at 4.1kg. I tell you, 4.1 kg is no joke one. He was the biggest baby in the nursery then.

Come the second pregnancy, I watched my diet a lot to avoid getting another big baby. Now, my #2 son knows about this, he is going to curse me for starving him when he was in my belly.

You see, I want to have a baby like how nature intended it to be. Lord Buddha was born by vaginal birth. Lord Jesus Christ was born by vaginal birth. How I know that? Because Caesar came later mah…chey…like that also need to ask meh? But wait, Caesar was around when Jesus was adult already. (recalling Give to Caesar what….). Oh ok, the Christmas story said so that Mary gave birth to Jesus in a manger.

Moreover, what kind of woman who doesn’t want to experiment how a tiny errrm…ci….errmm…va….errm…tunnel can allow a huge baby to pass through? Aren’t you curious? It is like a 8-wheeler petrol tank trying to squeeze through your lorong pejalan kaki. Imagine a watermelon dropping out of your mouth? That’s about the right proportion, no?

So, the heroic me insisted to have my second baby by VBAC which means vaginal birth after caesarean. A lot of doctors are too lazy to perform this because the mother needs close monitoring. There are risks involved because the scar of the previous c-sec may tear. (that’s what docs told me lah) Then, a lot of women wouldn’t want to take the risks and also too lazy to get their cibai torn lah! Anyway, there is no such thing as a tear nowadays because the ob-gyn will snip snip and then, sew sew back. Some cheeky ob-gyn will even assured the mothers that they will make ‘it’ tighter. LOL. Like tampal lubang like that.

I had a tough time delivering the son but at least I lived to boast that I know it all. Koyak sana, koyak sini, semua pun sakit. Cuma yang berlainan, nak sakit bawah atau sakit atas sikit (c-sec scar).

Given a choice, I would want to deliver all babies naturally. My third son was delivered normally eventhough he was 4.1kg again! BTW, #2 son who was born VBAC was 3.65 kg.

But sadly, my fourth delivery was an emergency premature birth due to placenta praevia so it had to be c-sec. Therefore, come to my Matthew, the doctor doesn’t allow me another VBAC (he was born 36 weekers @ 3.85).

So yeah, if you need to choose, choose vaginal birth. It is fun to torture the husband. I pinched mine blue black on the arms. I scolded my doctors. I kicked the nurses. (more like reflex) Tell me lah, how often you get to misbehave like that without being slapped?

Anyway, this is just to say that today is my #2 son’s 17th birthday.