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I totally forgot about the Merdeka mass today! How could I! I even painted my blog red, blue and yellow but I forgot to praise God and pray to Him.

Can I blame it on the rain, Father? It rained and rained and my mood went the same way like the sky. Dark, gloomy, on the verge of bursting it’s brim and sad.


This is the monsoon drain circling my apartment grounds. The water was about to overflow.


This is the Google map of my area. The tiny blue thing is the swimming pool in my apartment. The green line dashing across in the middle is the monsoon drain. Thank God the tide was low so we didn’t experience much flooding. If it had flooded, I told myself I am going to get all the residents here to take a fish head and bring it to the exco in charge of pengairan dan sungai and tell him the fish head is the fish we caught in our flooded homes and cars. And of course, our ADun too.

Anyway, I am pretty pissed and disillusioned with the manner which some people treated a place of worship. It is appalling that people can show so much disgust for people different from them. I hope all my blog readers will at least be awakened a little bit and stand up and open your eyes and know that the world we live in, depends on us. Don’t just bitch about you getting caught in traffic jams or dirty toilets or other public inconveniences when you are doing nothing to change the people who governed us. Go on, make life difficult for them and demand change so that we get something better like what we deserve.


I am taking a break after spewing out 1,350 words in something. So, I got hold of my earrings which I used to scatter around my computers desks (note the plural) and take some photos.


I have over 100 pairs, I think. I dare not count them anymore because I feel guilty. But, I keep buying because I am a good mother. Son says, “MOMMY! LOOK! Gingee! BUY!!!!” So, I buy. Then, when we went to Hatyai, they said, “MOMMY!!!!! Look, ice-cream! Cake! Lollipop! BUY!!!” So, I buy again.


I know my Mac keyboard is very dirty and dusty but who cares..As long as it works. This pair of gingerbread man earring looks ugly on my ears but sometimes, to please my little boy, I endure wearing it.

donut earrings

Actually, I am a woman. And I don’t need reasons to buy earrings or shoes or anything. Or do I? I have four different topics on this post and I hope no one comes along and pour a bucket of cold water with some inane comments. I am in a bad mood, so try me.

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