Twitter Updates for 2009-08-28

  • If Mahatma Gandhi is a villager of Kampung Buah Pala…what do you think he will do? #
  • If 5xmom writes Malay porn..ayam jantan masuk anak kucing…LOL #
  • is listening to khutbah Jumaat and rain falling, while waiting for flood alarm to go off #
  • A short chronology on Kg Buah Pala n did Lim Guan Eng lied about Sec 116(1)(D)? (trust me, it is scary to ask him, ok?) #
  • Told Nestle to take a hike. No one pays me RM200+ n expect me to share emotional stories in advertorials. Sked of my political stand.. #
  • RT @jedyoong: Wonders if ze govt editors get bored after churning the same editorials/opinions/etc for the last few decades. #
  • Focus woman, finish yr article, paid posts, cooking n get off Twitter, FB, yr blogs n other blogs!!! Google payday is incentive to work. #
  • What if we change the scene and change the cow to a pig's head? Selamat Hari Mederka indeed. #
  • Yang tahu, yang tak tahu dan yang buat-buat tahu, semuanya turut sama mengemukakan pandangan masing-masing. (Khalid Samad) #
  • Poor god kena masuk skali in demo. Wonder they cook rendang or serunding with the body? #
  • Wuah, 1350 words accomplished! Fhweet! #
  • Fm laptop to Mac to finish crappy paid posts. USD calling…boh pien…butt sit till flat already. Michael Wong n Michael Buble r here #

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