Koh Tsu Koon, then give us the whole truth about Kampung Buah Pala

P/S : Take a second and Google Koh Tsu Koon and see what results you get.

The Star reported Koh Tsu Koon said this,

“This is unfair, and if he (LGE) wants, we can answer all his allegations. We had found solutions to the problems faced by the villagers but it was the Opposition that then tried to create problems,” he added when opening the Penang Gerakan’s annual delegates conference yesterday.

I know many people don’t care about Kampung Buah Pala anymore. But I do. I do because by tomorrow, if no one intervenes, the bulldozers will come again. Women, children and old folks will once again have to be immobilised to be human barricades.

But here we have one ex-leader who was responsible for selling the land talking without offering any solution for them. If Koh Tsu Koon is genuinely concerns for these villagers, he would have intervened from day one and not wait until the eleventh hour to talk cock.

Koh Tsu Koon said they had found the solutions to the problems faced by the villagers. Is this the solution he was talking about?

22 March 2007: The cooperative released a compensation offer to Kampung Buah Pala residents, offering each family a 850 sq ft house worth RM75,000, relocation payment of RM1,000 and rental subsidy of RM750 per month for a period of 36 months until the houses were constructed. For residents who were were not interested in the offer, the cooperative offered one-off payments of RM90,000 per family.

Well, according to M. Sugumaran the resident association chairman, the bulldozers wanted to demolish the houses but Karpal Singh (was in then in the opposition) was there to stop the demolition because the 23 villagers felt the compensation of a flat is unfair. I verified this by asking Karpal Singh if he really did go to the village to stop demolition and he confirmed he did.

The villagers then went to Legal Aid Centre and engaged Cecil Rajendra. They went to the High Court and won their cases. But unfortunately, they lost their case at the Appeal Court and then, again lost their case in the Federal Court.

It is disgusting for a man in Koh Tsu Koon calibre to keep quiet until now and want to stir shits at the last hour. You are after all our chief minister for so many years (19?) and yet, where were you when you are supposed to be the opposition and fight? Did you stay around to fight for the villagers’ rights against Lim Guan Eng’s government? No, you didn’t. You crawled out quietly, left the island, went through the back door and never show your face here to do real justice.

Your men are only good at picking petty issues like how much Lim Guan Eng’s rented house costs. Remember that if Gerakan is a political party that deserves respect, Gerakan should have fought for justice, democracy, our Penangite rights and more. Not picking petty issues, darn it!

Koh Tsu Koon, take this from me, a voter and a Penangite. You failed as the ruling government and you fail as an opposition. KPI = 0.

13 thoughts on “Koh Tsu Koon, then give us the whole truth about Kampung Buah Pala

  1. let’s be fair the statement made by LGE “Since the residents have sought the help of Umno, they should ask Umno for an explanation.” is totally immature for a cm to utter.the more notice his behaviour,the more i feel uneasy.he acts like those bn ministers.

    don’t cover up or glaze his behaviour with icing ,mrs chan.he is a cm for goodness sake!
    .a lot of my mates share the same opinion on this .

  2. Gerakan is going so deep under the gutter thanks to all those chicken sissy ‘politicians’.
    The people will bury Gerakan by next general election.

    KPI: negative infinity

  3. 9pek9bo – Just need the blue robe and the two red dots on the cheeks LOL.

    pilocarpine – It’s his last minute baru want to open the mouth chicken shit I cannot stand lor. Right from the beginning, I don’t know how with many times LGE challenged him, accusing him as a land robbers and etc and he kept quiet. Now, the last day he only talking cock. Yet, his minions in Gerakan failed to see why I can’t stand our tofu ex-cm lor. People tore his picture and stepped on it, he kept quiet. That’s the whole point, yet Gerakan don’t see anything wrong with him.

    doineedone – I will deal with you separately.

    jeffrey – Hahaha, wongmunchee does.

  4. Aiyah, Koh Tsu Koon only knows how to carry the UMNO balls and he is irrelevant to the Penangnites today. Gerakan will soon be buried six feet underground this coming GE-13. When he was the CM, what had he achieved? Only take instructions from the UMNO and never brave enough to speak up, that is why he had created such a big mess for Penang people.

  5. doineedone – First, mrschan is dead and long gone. Next, I got a name, I don’t use Mrs.

    Well, if you notice LGE so much, you would notice he memang got laser mouth. Get used to it. We Penangites rely on laser mouths like him to laser those bn ministers and their bucket of craps.

    And who cares what your mates opinions are. You got no name, your mates go no name, you got no say.

    I can glaze and put as many cherries on top as I like because I am talking reasons and senses.

    BTW, I post this independently, even without hearing what the CM said and published in The Star. The thoughts above are strictly mine. See? We Penangites got our own brains to judge one, not like you.. No name and somemore need to say ‘even my mates think so’.

  6. Joe – Now Lim Guan Eng challenged him to debate but it is reported he wants to send a proxy. Why lah, scared kena thrashed like last time land scam debate hor?

  7. wah.. LC u ate chiili padi just now ah, tot u hav toned down ord but I wonder this doinnedone has any more energy to bounce back…..anyway.

    why is it so hard to get to the truth?? huh…. there is absolutely nothing worth celebrating on this Hari Merdeka. kosong….

  8. JT – Who says I toned down? Just that I got no one to tiu jek…Somemore, I damn bangga wei. LGE stole my line. I said it first on chanlilian.net to KTK to reveal all. And then, LGE statement (almost similar to mine) was published by the MSM two hours later. So, people can make two guesses – One is LGE stole my line or two, I got inside information on what he is going to say. But since you long time reader, I tell you the secret. It is great minds think alike.

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