Twitter Updates for 2009-08-31

  • Some asshole fwd Mau Cari Angpau email to me. Tiu, learn to tiu properly first before wasting my time lah. Come learn the skill fm me, tiu #
  • The last Indian communist. Watch it! Subscribe lah, doh… #
  • Section sei kau patt is really discriminating. But only stupid men go to court to admit they wear green hats #
  • RT @nicholaschay: @5xmom something to do with price increase? Yes, I want yr pics to make my video. Here they close the station or 'rosak' #
  • People, if you hv Shell near you, pls take a photo for me if they close or 'rosak' their pumps. #
  • FYI, my hubby buys the printed Star on holidays and weekends so I hv to read n rant #
  • And no one is interested to hear what Samy Vellu has to say about religious tolerance yet they gave his stupid comments 1/2 page #
  • Can the MSM spare us fm corny, stupid, dumb photos? Like how Tajol Rosli can use chopsticks, hence he is chummy to Chinese. My arse #
  • Watch exclusive on the roles of the communists in gaining independence for Malaya. #

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