Look ma! I am on the feel good channel!

My regular hair salon has moved to a new place because she cannot tahan the constant flood that happens anymore. So, my hair is growing wild like the weeds on Farmville. Yet, I am too lazy to move my butt to her place because it is too far to walk and too near to drive.

My son asked me to just walk there but I told him if I had my hair done nice-nice, and I need to walk back, sure kena wind blow until macam orang gila and then, sweat till all the hair turned limp. I wanted to drive there but he said I am not environment conscious.

Anyway, that red boney-m hair was on NTV 7. Cikgu told me first on Facebook. So, I catch the 8 pm prime time news on NTV 7, your feel good channel and sure enough, I was caught on camera walking backwards with my camera to film the children carrying banners outside the police HQ on Jalan Dickens. Then, later on, at Komtar, I was in front of the NTV 7 camera and my whole head was blocking the TV. It shows I am more samseng than the male videographers because I squeezed nearer to the subjects. Pheweettt…cool, eh? It is not so much seeing myself but what I was doing. Walking backwards is a skill, you know?

The above is the video I took this morning. I have taken off the video on the sidebar because it slows down my page when I read on my phone. Moreover, not like anyone is paying me for the space. So, I let my sugar daddy Google pays me lor.

Overall, today is another new experience in citizen journalism. I get to go to the police HQ and cover the press conference. I have been to the Jalan Duta court. Now, what is missing is the morque to film some dead body. Or some places like a prostitute den or Ah Longs kill each other scenes. Hmmm…I love cj! My mother would approve. She would probably say…Serves you well lah, you so tomboy, samseng like you memang padan go running everywhere, no one can control you one, lu sampat chabor.

*I feel good…*

6 thoughts on “Look ma! I am on the feel good channel!

  1. Wah, I saw you dunno how many times on TV….lost count. Red hair, white t-shirt…so chiou! You are famous for today!

    P.S. No need to trim your hair yet, stil looks fine. Saw you in TESCO as well yesterday. 🙂

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