Today close shop

Today close shop lah.

I busy go chase for news on Kampung Buah Pala. I am going from Kampung Buah Pala to Petani Road police station to Komtar.

Got sms that says the people of Kampung Buah Pala are going on hunger strike. I am not sure if they are going to do it at Komtar or where.

So, wa boh eng chap siao all you readers.

Go play far far.

It is the first day of September. Pay day. Woohoo!

(Wait, I must clarify. Payday from my ah kongs at the US of A, not for my CJ works. Just in case people think I get paid for smelling gusai.)

Above is a video I made after my loukong got pissed because the petrol station closed their door on him. The man drove me home to bring my video camera. By the time we got back, they have re-opened. I guess they closed to calibrate their RON 92 to 95 and 95 to 97. I asked my loukong, will we even know if we are using 92 (which is no longer available) or 97? He said the colour is different. But how to know if we sumbat the pump into the petrol tank, right?

3 thoughts on “Today close shop

  1. it’s extremely hazardous to do video recording in the midst of topping up your car’s gasoline tank unless your video recorder is classified as ‘intrinsically safe’ meaning explosion proof.
    from the video, it was observed that the video recorder was held very close to the tank nozzle and that action could have caused an explosion. you are indeed very lucky that nothing happened, otherwise the result would have been disastrous.

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