Twitter Updates for 2009-09-01

  • LOL, look who's talking? #
  • RT @tianchua: Why arrest Nanyang journalist? Ridiculous?! #
  • RT @limkitsiang: DAP Perak Ngeh Koo Ham arrested by police at Democracy Tree for trying to get to Perak State Assembly #
  • RT @tianchua: 'One Future' is released online today. *Go watch Tian Chua* #
  • Kanasai, I can't find my videos dd 13 july where I tiu-ed a bunch of bizmen abt corporate social responsibility!!! Grrr.. #
  • LOL, the thrill of watching myself on NTV7 is priceless. My sons said I am nutz. #
  • ..they (kg buah pala) cud not negotiate and attack at the same time. (jeyakumar) #
  • Najib, Penang hang tau mau kah? Kita bagi RM20billion, you invest RM7.6B, tapi RM5.8B stalled projects. Ambik Penang lah we jadi ur slaves #
  • Lima minit punya cerita, buang masa aku lima jam. Monyet betui…. #

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