First of all, Michael Learns To Rock is like so yesterday. I used to sing karaoke at that time and that means, it is like decades ago. You know what? At that time, the karaoke use those HUGE disc and it costs a lot per disc. Plus there is no such thing as pirated stuffs then.

Now, there is this huge hoo-haa over their concert to be held at Genting. I am like wtf, how does MLTR group challenges your sensitivities? Is it because they are from Denmark and once upon a time, some cartoonist made fun of something?

Of course, if you think it is sensitive to your religion, fine. Who am I to question. But…. I am sure all your fellow followers will be able to discern and choose not to go for the concert?

It just doesn’t make sense, you know? It is not like these group of old rockers are going to do anything obscene. They are not even good looking anymore, for goodness sake.

I don’t know lah….it is getting patronising. I cannot stand when people, leader, committee, wateva shit or government patronise over me. I feel suffocated. I feel stupid. I feel I need to rant.

Just because you cannot do it, it doesn’t mean the rest of the people must follow you?