Twitter Updates for 2009-09-02

  • Gud morning, selamat pagi, chou san, zhao an…arrggh…late for school! Nvm, he is only six years old. #
  • – test twitpic #
  • Lim Guan Eng condemns the police in Perak. "Go back to your job, i.e. to catch criminals " #
  • Ooops, need to report to my 'boss' I am going to cover Kampung Buah Pala tomorrow 3rd September. Hope the rumours turned out to be fake. #
  • I get stupid by the minute listening to Kerismudin #
  • I wonder what their fathers, the ex-country leaders fed them to become like these? #
  • Hishammuddin told….. police allowed the demonstrators to proceed because the numbers of protestors were small. – Can u fucking believe it? #
  • Home Minister defends the cow head gangsters #
  • WTF lah, go get a tempurung dan sembunyi kat dalam. MLTR is like so yesterday and so tame. 25 minutes too late mana ada challenge yr moral #
  • Can you see and hear the birdie flying on my blog? Hehehe. I will be the 'not so Obnoxious 5xmom' temporary. #
  • Why oh why some people aren't born with radar to signal themselves they are fucking annoying? #
  • Malaysia betul-betul serba boleh! Kena rotten eggs LOL #
  • I am LoL-ing reading Guangming in English translation. #

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