These are for my own notes.

Got there around 9.15 am and things were rather calm. However, I heard there were commotion earlier in the morning. So, after hanging around for about another 15 minutes, suddenly things get chaotic.

Today, there aren’t many villagers around to form human barricade. Instead, MIC Youth sent a lot of members to protect the village. Maybe like 20 of them and T. Mohan was there.

The moment Gary Ho, who is the developer appeared, things get ugly. Pushing, shoving and in the melee, Gary claimed “MIC pukul saya” to a police.

In return, MIC Youth Soma claimed a police personnel name Azman called him anak haram. Soma made a report, written on a green piece of paper and was applauded.

Altogether, Gary Ho was seen to be furiously pushed three times. Initially, I thought it was just a wayang cooked up by Nusmetro (since I have heard so much of them being an UMNO-linked company) and MIC.

But I was in the midst of one of the push and shove and it looks genuine. My toe was stepped on, ouch! A water bottle was thrown and it flew past me, hit a van roof. But the demolition crew claimed the villagers threw stone. Doh…if I have not been an eye witnessed, I would have believed.

I hid behind those police light strike force or cabut the moment Gary Ho appeared. He was like the spark that sets off the explosive. Once the villagers/MIC see him, push and shove will start. Every kind of expletives also spew.I left around 11 am because I was running out of battery (again). The sun was too hot anyway and the only shady area is where the row of light strike force stood with Thomas Chan. At first, I took shelter and later, realised, people may think I am part of Thomas Chan gang. (Thomas is Gary’s boss or something likedat) So, poor me had to stand under the sun and now, I am darker by another shade.

One villager said my reporting is not fair. She said I never highlight that they are not greedy like the public claimed them to be. I explained to her that it is unfair because I had featured so many people like Darshan Singh (whom was arrested later), Uthaya, the villagers and etc. I told her just because I put one video of Thomas Chan telling his side of story, it does not mean I support him! OMG, can you believe the shit I get?

Then, she said Lim Guan Eng sided with the developer. I told her I wouldn’t know and cannot be held responsible if I happened to put both LGE and Thomas Chan in one video. Die lah, like that also can?

I explained to her that since I have access to both Thomas Chan and Lim Guan Eng, I feel my videos of these two persons will help the villagers to get an idea what are their plans. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know what’s behind TC and LGE’s side since they claimed both never want to see them. See lah, this one is what Cantonese says….hou sam pei lui phek…(good heart but kena lightning instead) I asked her if she wants to be video to explain things and she didn’t want. I asked two more women and they too refused to tell me their side of the story. So how lah am I going to feature them?

Anyway……I accepted that it is the price I pay for taking an interest in Kampung Buah Pala. People only want to see their side of the story and if they see anything else, I get the blame.

Today, I (politely) argue with a police, hoping he will mengamok or something. He refused the press to go closer to the demolition site. I told him we must go in to menegakkan kebenaran. LOL, I explained and explained but he tulan with me and told me to just listen to order. Muahahar….

When I left at 11 am, only one house was demolished. Now, four houses are demolished and 14 people detained. I cannot go out and kepoh further because no one is around to baby sit for me. So, there goes another, ‘Your reporting is not fair, you only feature part of the story.’