Twitter Updates for 2009-09-03

  • – breakfast #
  • Kg Buah Pala 17/18 released. Sad 2c their ordeal especially Raj's mom who was trying to protect Raj's younger bro n she got detained #
  • Now, how come we don't get first lady like her? RT@asohan #
  • Now me gonna fetch my son fm kindie, go grocery shopping and tidur. Follow The Star for Pala, if you r interested #
  • Got one MIC youth made police report tt police name Azman called him anak haram. I got the clip but didn't get his name. Soma something. #
  • One water bottle was thrown during the 'let's whack Gary' session #3 and it flew past me. Phew.. #
  • One SB asked my opinion abt the police n I told him I tabik them for the patience, I can even hide behind the red shields in Penang #
  • I ask Hindraf supporter why Hindraf not there, he said dunwan public to think Hindraf works side by side with MIC so they didn't turn up #
  • Die, come to think of it, I hope Amirul doesn't put me on TV as the woman who argued with polis abt kebenaran LOL #
  • I ran out of battery, hungry, sun burned, I come home, end of story #
  • One (empty) hse demolished, MIC very thuggish, wanna hentam Gary Ho 3times, press not allowed to go near demolition site, I argue with polis #

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