“Mommy, in 2015, you die yet?”

This comes from my little boy. It is really an innocent question from an innocent boy.

Both of us found his fast food restaurant kiddies club member card which expired in 2015. So, I told him, “Wow…this card expires in 2015. Such a long time somemore.”

For a six years old, it is hard for them to figure out how long is five years. So, he asked me, “Mommy, in 2015, you die already or not?”

I laughed really hard and told him that 2015 is not that long. He will be about twelve years old and I am only fifty years old. So, it is not very far away and I definitely will not die then. I told him I want to be grandma to his kids before I die and that will take a very, very long time. First, he must find a girlfriend, get married, have a wife and have some babies before I will want to die. That got him screaming, “Ewwwsss! But I don’t like girls!”

It is humorous in a way but it is morbid too when we think of our mortality. We seem to take for granted that our lives are planned in such a way like how I envisioned it. Have children, have them all grown up and they in turn have their children.

We want to see all these play out in front of us before we can actually call it a day. It is a long road ahead and we do not know what the future holds. We can plan all we want but it is not for us to dispense.

Still, planning is still very important. We need to know if we even have money to give ourselves the best medical treatment should the journey gets tough. Can we extend our lives longer than the average life span? Do we have money to do that? Medical treatment is getting more and more expensive nowadays.

That’s why it is good to keep a little egg nest in the form of health insurance to keep us confident that we can probably extend our lives a little bit longer to see grandkids. Of course, it doesn’t actually guarantee that we are able to live to the specific number of years we want. The big boss up there decides. But we can be a little proactive and hope for the best, isn’t it?

If you wish to know how PruHealth (a new medical plan from Prudential) can help us with our future, do check it out their plans which is available on their website. It is good to start planning early because by the time we realize our ‘expiry’ clock is ticking fast, we will be faced with very high premiums. So, start young and keep it as an egg nest. PruHealth rewards when you don’t make any claims and when you do need to make any health insurance claim, they are there.

Coming back to my conversation with my little boy, we then imagine what we are going to be in another 10 years, 20 years and so on. I told him in another five years, maybe my eldest son can make me a grandma already. And in another 10 years, he will have girlfriends..Another 20 years, he can get married. Hmmm….20 years means I am going to be 64 years old only. Life is fun!

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