I went to Cameron Highlands on Saturday and stayed there for two nights. Mostly, it is a play masak-masak holiday because I love doing that. You know…go buy those vegetables and then, cook at the rented apartment?

The first night we stayed at this quaint (but snobbish) little cottage with morning glories and dunno what orange flowers creeping on the roof. It is so beautiful like Enid Blyton stories! But snobbish. Some mat salleh came and asked me to keep it down (quiet lah) at 10 pm because his mommy has gone to sleep. So, my two poor kids had to walked on tip-toes and whispered. The floor was creaking and the plumbing was noisy. Hey, we paid RM280 for a quad room so what you do expect lah? We cannot float on air and don’t piss or shit, you know?

On the second day, my eldest son and his friend came up to join us and we rented a 3-room apartment and had fun grilling and cooking.

So, if I didn’t get around to thank you ladies and germs for all the birthday wishes, sorry lah. Up there on Cameron Highland, there is no wi-fi. (got Starbucks and other wi-fi cafe but I am not spending my holiday tied to a computer lah) I was using only my mobile phone to update twitpic and Facebook. I cannot log in to my blog. Hence, Terence had to make that short post. Oi, next time don’t lah so terang-terang ask people to wish. Hehehe.

When I came back last night, Streamyx was down the whole night. So, I never got around to touch the computer at all.

Miss you, internet. Miss you, blog. That’s why it is call Tiusday. I just wanna tiu people. Cos so many days never get to touch the computer mah.

6 thoughts on “Tiusday

  1. Foong – Sked liao. I ter-tweet something to do with Nestle, some other ppl kena. I crap about not able to buy petrol, I kena make a u-turn. I want to complain abt the place I stay, later, I kena sue pulak. Yerr…..

  2. Bala’s is one place in camerons we will not go back to. we had a late lunch there on our of our very first trips to camerons. the waiter was snobbish and so were the other staff. pity though, cos the place is so pretty….

  3. khooching – Ya……I wonder if it is bcos we are Asians? I have 3 kids with me, the youngest only 6 yrs old. They have only one room left, which is a quad room, i.e. two queen size beds. We told him we will take it as there is a couch and one of the kids can sleep on it. But no….the fella kept insisting, only four persons. Must ask boss. Doh….

  4. I’ve been to Balas. It’s a pretty place but the staff sulks (nose high up in the air) and the floor planks and walls are really thin. No wonder the mat salleh and his mom could hear you breathing 🙂

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