Twitter Updates for 2009-09-08

  • Going to sleep now. Morning get to interview someone abt cowhead. Nice….."Do you think the cow was a boy or a girl cow ah?" #
  • The effing Streamyx in my area is having erectile dysfunction again. Kejap boleh kejap mati #
  • "..we are ready to fight it in court. We're not going to take down the two videos as we have not violated the law," said (Steven)Gan. ht … #
  • Broadband is not only about Internet. It is about handphone utility (WTF does this statement mean?) #
  • "writing is one of my hobbies but blogging is not. I don’t find it interesting." Rais very smart opinion #
  • By now, 26,000 people heard about Mau Cari Angpau. Hiaks… #
  • RT @kidchan: …….early Sept babies r result of New Year One-Night-Stands..hahah its just coincidental, non?(5xmom was born 12 yrs apart) #
  • I wonder if I ask Koh Tsu Koon for an exclusive interview, will he kasi muka to me (the unknown cj)? *laffs till fall off chair* #
  • Wuah, MCMC so free ah? What interview lah, all on the raw clips, burn one CD, kasi tengok sindirilah #

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Updates for 2009-09-08

  1. Do you plan to interview LGE again for the cow’s head incident? Please give him a break, he has a wife.

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