Blogging is not quite the same after Facebook and Twitter

You know, after Facebook and Twitter, blogging is not so much fun anymore because people tends to leave comment in the FB comment box instead of my blog. So, some posts went by without any comment. So demoralising, wei.

Then, I started this CJ thingie and it gets even less fun because I have to be accountable for what I write or say. I cannot crap without a care because someone or something is going to get into trouble.

Like for example, the other day I tweet some brandname and someone kena as a result of it. Haih…

Anyway, I just want to post a video here. It is call Mau Cari Angpau or MCA. I am not talking about the political party, ok? That Mau Cari Angpau is not what I said. It is MP for Bagan Lim Guan Eng said one….

See? Now everything I write, also must have disclaimer. Boh shiok ler. Every darn thing also must explain clearly.

Here on, it is pure ‘5xmom feels like dissing someone’ post.

Anyway, I quite like this video because LGE sat down just to talk to me about the Mau Cari Angpau. You see, someone using his name opened a gmail account and mailed to me some forward mail. The forwarded email has the emails of all the DAP ADuns and MPs. Like I give a shit to what MCA and DAP and Gerakan are going through.

People, I don’t care about your political parties ok? So, don’t get me involved in your MCA and DAP petty fights because I don’t care…..But hor, since whoever you are impersonating as Lim Guan Eng, nah, I give you back this video. Same title as your email. Happy, boh? Next time don’t kepoh go email your internal MCA versus DAP things to me.

Ok, back to the video. Actually, that morning/noon, I was in the elevator with some of the CM’s office staffs. I was going up and they just finished lunch or something. So, this guy was telling a few of the female staffs about what happened at the phor tor dinner. I just eavesdropped lah. It sounded so kancheong and chikek, just like mafia movie. Some MCA chap and his gang rushed over to the MP for Bagan (LGE lah) table and wanted to over turn the table. But before I could finished kepoh into the whole story, they went out of the lift.

Since I have heard half of the the story, I was damn curious about what happened. The Chinese press reported the story but I don’t read Chinese mah. So, I pun keh-si keh-si hinted to LGE about the ‘inflammatory remarks’ (Star reported but didn’t mention Mau Cari Angpau or Money Collecting Agency) and told him, I wanted to ask him but I dare not. LOL.

He asked me, “Oh, you want to know ah? Come come, sit down.” And that’s how I got this video.

And that’s how CJ Chan Lilian gets her interviews. Oh ya, I also want to jot down why I like to film LGE from his right side. Because the front, I have no space to put my camera. Usually Bernama TV ‘jom’ the prime spots. (they usually have 3 camera crews) Not from the left because he has left side parting on his hair and the line of the parting is too distracting for me. Every time I see it, I cannot concentrate on what was being said but wonder…Hmm…how did he get the line so straight? Hmm…what haircream did he use? Hmm…I wonder if he keeps a comb in his pocket….Arrggh…

11 thoughts on “Blogging is not quite the same after Facebook and Twitter

  1. Apa nama – Cilaka, you made me laugh so hard, next time I see LGE, I don’t know I can keep a straight face or not? I really, really must find the courage to ask him liao. *5xmom practises Shaolin kungfu to muster enough courage to ask…’eh, you use what haircream arh?’*

  2. Hi, Lilian,

    I always comment here one woh. But sometimes I read and watch video only lah. And one thing hoh, sometime I site here and wait but your blog page hang, I think is the ads that you are putting, the load time is super slow.

  3. Lilian,
    Be honest, do you have a crush on LGE? It looks like you have been stalking him quite a bit lately.

  4. mrkiasu – I know what you mean lor. Sometimes, I also tulan with my own blog cos when I surf using my mobile, it hangs. But boh pien, I $$eye$$ mah… hehehe

  5. Lilian, FYI, the MCA Penang is filing a $5,000,000 defamation lawsuit against LGE for mocking MCA as “Mahu Cari Angpau”.
    You may as well take this opportunity to interview LGE again over his reaction.

  6. It is just plain stupid for Penang MCA to take legal action against LGE, given that it was Penang MCA itself mocking MCA as “Money Corrupt Accept”, don’t you think?

  7. Thank you Lilian for your wonderful reporting about me. I thought you were at the scene to see the MCA saga unfold until I read your blog.

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