I had a great afternoon yesterday. My little boy wanted the stupid spongebob toy from KFC so we went out.


Before we went to KFC in Tesco, I blackmailed him to allow me to go for oldtown coffee. We had toasts, half-boiled egg, a bowl of Ipoh hor fun and root beer float.

If you are from Penang, you know how crammed Old Town at E-Gate is. So, my boy and I were sitting on the cushion couches and we were merely inches from the next table. In fact, my muatan lebar butt (this one my #2 son labelled me) almost knock the coffee cup on the next table when I tried to squeeze in.


So, as usual lah, my boy will dig into my bag and find something to write/draw while I try to finish my book. And the next table two aunties were talking about their children.

Yeah, talking about children, the UPSR is just over and all these tuition centres are putting up banners to get parents to send their 12 years old kids to tuition for next year Form One. No wonder we have so many nuts nowadays. Chi sin meh, give the kids a break lah. Tuition for what lah. Kids are meant to enjoy their childhood.


Back to the two kiasu moms, one is telling the other about leadership. Leadership worrr…..very great mah? She said she encouraged her son to have leadership quality.

And what she said next almost caused the Nanyang memorably coffee to shoot out of my mouth, nose, ears and eyes.

“I told my son….don’t worry one….everyone can be a leader. Look at Osama? Osama also become the bi kok (US in Hokkien lah) plesiden mah…”

Unfortunately, I do not want my little boy to know that the bad mommy is eavesdropping so I pretended to quickly talk to him and smile at his sunflower.

Until now, I am still laughing….Osama. Yeah, he is also a great leader. Who else can get the 9-11 suicide bombers to fly a plane into the two towers, right? That’s great leadership quality.

5xmom says…..”Auntie ah…..please lah, know your pronounciation and spelling first lah. It is OBAMA, not OSAMA. OSAMA sart si lang eh. Obama kah Osama lu pun beh hunpiat, lu eh kia an cua eh cho leader lah?”