You need real manliness, not fake big dick

Well, after this post, I promise to go for confession and after the slate is clean, I will try to behave myself, ok?

There are many things that can make women insecure. Things like imaginary small boobs, loose V, flabs, wrinkles, dark spots ….the list goes on. Just open a women’s magazine and see the advertisements screaming at you and you can guess what makes women insecure.

(this is a pickled dill which has been photoshopped to turn red lah)

But there is only one thing that make men insecure. Small dick.

Now, I am not talking about the real, physical sense but the ego and the whole package.

In my psychology class, I learned about compensation. Sometimes, my lecturer said, people may have some shortcomings somewhere and they try to compensate in other areas. It is not healthy when they carried it too far.

I see this being displayed a lot on the internet. I see it most at online media comments section, Youtube and certain so-po blogs. That’s why I like to snip off the little kukujiaos before they get overboard with me if they dare come and ka-ka cau-cau with me.


Many people will say I do not practise freedom of expression. Freedom? My arse. My blog is not a small-dick booster arena.

Many men, with their henpecked lives, turned abusive online when they can hide behind their anonymous state. In psychology terms, they are compensating for their downtrodden, under-achieving, lack of respect real lives by being the hero or the Mr. Know-it-all online.

Probably, he got henpecked by his fierce wife, looked down by his mother-in-law, over molly-coddled by the parents, laughed at by his colleagues and bosses, disrespected by his subordinates or kids and much more. So, these bargers will come online and act like they are very smart likedat.


Some losers even use different nick-names. For example, I noticed one anonymouse always have one other fella with a Malay warrior name fella posting after him, praising how clever he is.

Come on lah, losers……we have been online for years and we can sniff out a fake comment easily. Don’t lah be a moron and do that.

If you have small dick, you have small dick. Enuff said!

*grins* Now, no one can say I am not being fair to both sexes.

12 thoughts on “You need real manliness, not fake big dick

  1. Lilian,

    Pls do continue your flamboyant style of writing – that’s your originality – don’t be bothered with disgruntled comments on what topics you should or shouldn’t write.

  2. The idiot who calls himself Najib – Usual lah, people like you usually digs out the religion part then, if you don’t get your way, you will start bringing in the family. I have come across a lot of people like you. Try something new lah. Boring wei.

    EeKay – It is part and parcel of owning a blog. We meet morons every day LOL.

    Nexus – Tks, there are lots of Misters Know-It-All who have the ‘brightest’ ideas and think they can solve all the world problems out there, isn’t it?

  3. Lilian, I would like to apologize for my previous posting. Please remove it if possible. I suggest that you consider deleting this blog, as it is inappropriate. Thanks!

  4. The idiot nickname Najib – Delete my blog? Kenottt…then, how am I going to explain to LGE ah? He reads my blog one, you don’t know meh? Even if I get directive from MCMC, I will also die die keep blogging wor.

  5. Foong – My blog is a freaks magnet. Sudah biasa ler. But sometimes, it is entertaining for readers and myself to read those multiple personalities’ comments so I pass them through.

  6. Lilian – Sorry for the misunderstanding. I referred to the blog posting entitled “You need real manliness, not fake big dick”, not your “The Obnoxious 5xmom” blog. This is just my opinion!!

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