Dear Mr. Ong and Mr. Chua

Does it occurred to both of you that the whole Malaysia minus a few of your ass-lickers are laughing at you two?

Firstly, Mr. Ong, you have been burdened with the biggest scandal of all, involving billions of Ringgit. You have mixed with the wrong crowd and that Mr. Tiong has rubbed so much shits on you, the whole ocean water also cannot wash clean already. For a Chinese, I think the honorable thing to do is to step down gracefully, admit that you failed to be the president and hope you fade into the background.

Secondly, Mr. Chua, you screwed up too. And I mean physically screwed up. Though your asswipers may overlook that part, your enemies won’t. So, you always carry the burdens of being caught with your pants down. As a Chinese, the honorable thing to do is to fade into the background with your personal friend and live happily after. I just hope you have enough money to hold on to personal friends. I guess you do have enough money…..

Frankly, the rest of us Chinese are getting very pissed off with two boys fighting. We don’t really care, you know? One Chinese association dies off, another will come up. It is not a big deal, really.

By the way, can you please tell our dear, honourable Mr. Pee Em that his packaging of 1Malaysia is not working? Come on, he is the leader. Why lah must he package himself like some celebrity with the fanbois club of 1Malaysia? If he can delivers, just do the job. No need to drum and drill so hard into our skulls about 1Malaysia. Saya rasa nak muntah tengok video montage of him wearing all kinds of headgears, visiting temples, sitting down at coffee shop etc etc. He thinks he is Paris Hilton meh?

I just watched the stupid ais kacang advert sponsored by Maybe Bank. It is plain stupid lah. I wasted several minutes of my life thinking it is some food advertisement. Turned out that you want us to mix mix like ais kacang and become one sweet 1Malaysia. Dey, we are not kids lah.

And Mr. Ong and Mr. Chua, can you also please tell our dear Mrs. Rose Mah that I hate watching first ladies and whatnots being saviours to special children? It is the most superficial thing that VIPs’ wives do. Go to some orphanage, kanak-kanak cacat centre and etc and then, go sayang sayang them in front of the media. Please lah, if want to help hor, just get your husbands to allocate more money to help these centres. Or quietly go there and sayang sayang. Don’t call all the press and TV cameras.

Beh tahan nia. Lucky I am not a VIP wife or else I will strangle self if I am put in that situation. Pack cookies for the armies lah, visit special children lah, shake hands with old folks lah….Niamah…