Call it chemistry or NLP or ngam-key or wateva

Have you heard of Neuro-Linguistic Programming? No, I am not paid to promote NLP. I just recalled going through this many years ago when I was working. Back then, when times were good, our company was very generous. So, they sent me to KL to go for NLP course.

What we did was to learn to chart our relationship compatibility with our employer. And I discovered I was 100% (well, not exactly but very close) compatible with my ex-boss. That explains why I have such a wonderful 12 years working for him until I had to reluctantly leave him to be a full-time mom.

So, the other day I was telling this person about how hard it was to resign from my work. I said my ex-boss cried over my resignation. He said, “Wuah, he must have loved you a lot!”

I immediately jumped out of my couch and said, “Choy! Choy! Choy! It wasn’t like that, please!” Cos it is really funny to hear someone phrase it that way. He said, “I know lah, but to get a grown up man to cry, it must be very hard to do that. You know…there are 17 different words for ‘love’ in Greek.”

He told me the various types of love like love for friends, children, mother, yadda yadda yadda. I was like…..”Wow, how come you know so much about such things?” Accountants are supposed to know numbers only. True enough, I googled and found there are so many types. Eros, plato, phileo and etc.

Too bad I don’t know where I put my NLP notes and the tables. It is actually not very hard to do it because we need to know the other person’s birth date and then, there is a graph to chart it.

Come to think of it, it is a little bit like the eight pillars of fortune telling, or phat-chee in Cantonese. That also, I know how to calculate. Once, I charted out my life using the 8-chee and scarily, it was quite true. It was divided into various parts of our life, like from 1-10 yrs, 10-20 yrs old and etc.

Now, I am not advocating fortune telling. It is not a nice thing to try to chart our lives because we may be able to chart it but we cannot change the course. So, why find out and be worried or helpless if we discovered bad times ahead? Most times, those negative thoughts will drag us down more than anything. So, stay away from meddling with all these and leave it to the Big Boss to deal with it. Of course, NLP is nothing mystical, I think. I am only talking about the mumbo-jumbo, half-tank fortune tellers like my alter ego, Lilian too.

When it comes to relationship compatibility, a lot of them have to do with chemistry. We sometimes warm up to some people really easily. Yet, other times, we have that barricade around us.

Then again, there are people who just cannot find a life partner even if they tried really hard. And there are others who have too many choices. The Christian self will tell you that it is God’s will. The rojak ex-believer of everything will tell you that you can try to seek divine help to get the ‘thau hua’ blossom. I had done so for my hubby’s elder brother. Too bad it doesn’t work and the chap is still a bachelor at 60 yrs old! LOL. And the bitch in me will say, “You are bound to be a spinster your whole life.” Muahahar.

Sorry if you have read up to this point. Actually, this post is just a stupid, no head, no tail, inane crap from me. I just feel lucky that I have that handful of good friends with the right chemistry. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Call it chemistry or NLP or ngam-key or wateva

  1. Hahahaha….I was thinking who’s ‘Rose MaMa’….and then…recalled PM’s name & PM’s wife’s name…

  2. Rose MaMa – Sorry, I already have someone booked for tonight. Feel free to find yourself a young man as you wish.

  3. yah, i had one feng shui master reading my 8-chi b4 and the things he told me abt my past kinda spooked me out…. he could tell accurately the time i broke up with the first bf and the time i did very well in studies. i never quite believe these stuffs until then!

  4. sy – Ya… is that accurate lor. Cos when I studied back the past, so true lor. But lucky, my life was supposed to pick up after 40. And I hope it remains accurate nyek nyek nyek.

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