“Mom, do you know who is gorilla in the Bible?”

Precious notes.

Little son : Mom…do you know who is gorilla?

Me : Ya….the big big, black black hairy ape?

Little son : No……gorilla in the Bible

Me : Huh? Got gorilla in the Bible?

Little son : My school Bible got…..

Me : Where is the gorilla in the Bible?

Little son : David throw one stone, he fell down.

*laughs till fall of chair*

Me : Oh!!!! You mean Goliath?

Sigh…it is so much fun having a kid around.

9 Replies to ““Mom, do you know who is gorilla in the Bible?””

  1. Your son must be using the association memory technique to remember the name Goliath. Goliath is huge so is Gorilla. Both words start with G.

  2. #2 – Itu lah, you all never teach your mommy properly. How I know wor, I see black black, with scales, so mah fish only got scale mah. *laffs like hyena*

  3. Uncle Matthew should see some of the bible movies. I recommend “Samson & Delilah”, love the finale when Sam brings down the whole house ; and “10 Commandments” where the bearded one parts the Red Sea.

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