Twitter Updates for 2009-09-16

  • NgYY lays claim to Msian foods. I shall reserve CCB,LCB and TCB for such magnanimous person. I luv Malaysia! #
  • People, there is no copyright of Penang word lah. You can call Penang laksa, Penang rojak, Penang char koay teow. …Lim Guan Eng said so. #
  • My blardy Vista doesn't allow me to upload videos to mkini n youtube plus my tweetdeck doesn't work either. Why ah? #
  • I got a new keyword to track on Tweetdeck, taking over the keyword Kampung Buah Pala. #
  • Some NATO ppl really got no brains and no opinions and no cow sense and no 'nam yan tai cheong foo' and hampalang also don't know. KNS #
  • I wonder why the trolls leeching to Mkini never go to MT n buat setan there, takut kena hentam kut? #
  • LOL, found on MT – haiyo the title… i miss read it as "buah umno : buah lampa" #
  • Doesn't make sense lah, sorry for suggesting hiasan selipar, tapi kenapa takdak sori for kepala leh? Why MIC so easy to kowtow one? #

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