Selamat Hari Raya, sayang oi.

I know most of my Muslim readers are going to balik kampung soon. Jadi, sebelum you all balik kampung, saya nak minta maaf zahir dan batin. Kalau ada apa-apa yang I blog yang telah menyinggung perasaan, harap maaf ya?

Drive safe, enjoy the long holidays and kirim salam kat family members kat kampung, ya. Bila makan dodol atau kueh makmur, ingat kat saya, ok? Those are my favourite Raya delicacies. I tak minat rendang, ketupat, wajik or any of those main dishes. Nak dodol!

I haven’t make any plans to balik anywhere yet but we will try to cabut somewhere because it is a long, long holiday for the kids. Hubby too may take annual leave as his office is closed since all his staffs are Muslims.

And below is the video I shot on Malaysia Day. After 45 years, this is the first time I actually notice there is such a day as Malaysia Day.

Happy Malaysia Day, btw.

3 thoughts on “Selamat Hari Raya, sayang oi.

  1. after 45 years? .. i believe almost all of malaya resident still doesn’t know sabah and sarawak was invited to join malaysia federation with condition of their own special rights.. now, slowly the sabah states rights is slowly cease to exist.

    thanks to the federal and sabah local minister.. all of them sold out the the people to gain the natural oil and timber money..

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