Still more on CSL sex video

These are just off the cuff comments that just popped out of my mouth. It is on my Facebook so why not share it on my blog.

Wilson Teoh : Lilian … I know the right person, you should be ok with him, here is his profile:

It seems that this one can really perform ok!

Chan Lilian : wilson – I speak Hokkien so very ngam lah. Ai choot LOL

Wilson Teoh : Ai Choot = Ai Shoot? Then very ngam since you like to video record things all the time. Your cam also much clearer. 🙂

Chan LilianWilson – Yayayaya, my video cam definitely better. Sound system also better.

You know hor, sex was fine until it is communicated in Hokkien like CSL did. My goodness! It suddenly become so vulgar and so …..urrggh…I can’t find the words to describe. Lucky it was only a 3GP format. Otherwise, the whole Malaysia will be traumatised and population will dipped to zero.


Sorry hor, if you are CSL’s fans, I can’t help it if you are pissed. It is still funny to me, ok? And you are not Malaysian if you don’t get my joke.

2 thoughts on “Still more on CSL sex video

  1. I’m no fan of CSL.

    Tha bagger should have leave MCA alone and balik kampung tanam jagung. Still got the guts and balls to come back. seriously i don’t understand him.

  2. That MIC Slipper fler also things pop out of mouth. Careful of things popping from mouth bahaya… nanti kena minta maaf… hehehe… pop…pop…pop

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