“I prayed with exclamation mark!”

Another precious note.

Little boy was sitting on the throne while I was outside.

As usual, he has to talk during the ‘business hour’. Sometimes, when I am not in the mood to listen to his chatterings, I will tell him, “Talk somemore lah, later the ‘sai germs’ fly into your mouth. You know there are lots of germs in the toilet when your poo comes out? When you talk, you open your mouth and they run inside.”

Sigh..bad mommy. Wutudo…it gets tiring having to pay attention to the voice from the toilet.

Just now, he was talking endlessly about a house we just viewed.

It started with ‘Who is (inserts name)?”

I told him, “That’s Auntie (inserts name). Ah Koo’s place? She gave you a lot of books, remember?”

He replied, “Ya…she gave me Mickey Mouse books, all the Mr. Men books…..bla bla bla bla…. But I cannot find some of the books already. Where did you put them?”

I told him the books are somewhere, stacked up because we have no place to keep them on shelves.

“If we have a bigger place, then, we can keep all the books in a library. We can turn one room into a library.” I suggested to him.

Then, he launched into…”We can put Do Not Disturb sign, we can put Keep Quiet sign, then, we put our computer bla bla bla….”

Talking with six years old is very tiring because they need to be specific with everything and will list every single thing.

You tend to switch off and let the radio buzz on…

Finally, I told him, “Ok lah, before you imagine so much, first of all, we need to see if we can get the house. You go and pray later. Ask Jesus to help you, ok? Talk so much also useless. Wait until we see if they want to rent or not first.”

Silence from the toilet.

Suddenly, he said, “I prayed with exclamation mark already!”

It is sooooo funny. Poor Jesus get summoned to the toilet to hear a child’s prayers. And He had to get it in exclamation mark somemore. I wonder if He needs to pinch His nose and goes, “Uh ha, uh ha, ok, uh ha uh ha, ok. Are you done yet? Can I be excused already?”

When my boy was done with his business, I asked him why does he need exclamation mark. He said, “Because I prayed really, really hard mah…”

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