We have been going in and out of the house today. Meeting property agents after agents. Calling and negotiating.


We suddenly have the crazy idea of renting a house just to enjoy the space. Houses in Penang cost over RM1 million now. That is something we can never afford or will want to spend the money on.


So, the easiest is to rent a house. Renting house in Penang is much cheaper than condominium. We saw one house in Jalan Choong Lye Hin which is really fun. It has durian, coconut, rambutan, guava and frangipani (that pinkish/white flowers) and a huge field at the front and back.


But we didn’t take that one because it is kind of spooky. I imagine when I am alone during the mornings and noises come the creaking floor board upstairs. Or at nights when some shadow lingers around the balcony outside.

So, we went back to the first house we saw yesterday (and liked). It is in the midst of restaurants, hawkers, 7-11 and near to the bus stop. Had confirmed with the landlady that we want that one. The one we are renting has four bedrooms upstairs complete with built-in wardrobe, writing desk and side table.

Downstairs, the living room has two levels and there is a wet and dry kitchen. Nice…

The porch can accomodate four cars! And the front garden is perfect for BBQs. And the selling point is my little boy is so excited about the long bath. The only negative point is there is no grass (and weeds) as they had cemented the garden.

So, we are moving like right now. We will get the paperworks done tomorrow and packing starts soon.

Our current apartment will be rented out.

Oh, I am not putting photos of the house we are renting cos privacy mah…..But it is at Hillside.