We knew there is a death in my neighbour’s house. Hubby and I thought it is the old lady whom was in a wheelchair. She was usually sent to the doctor for some treatment every morning. Her two daughters would take her.

I told my little boy that the old-old auntie is dead. He knows cos sometimes, I hold the lift for the old lady and my boy will be reminded to wish the old auntie good morning.

There is another daughter who works, who is our neighbour. The old lady and the two older daughters only came to live here not long ago.

But I am totally shocked that it wasn’t the frail old lady but the daughter who is probably in her early fifties who died. Oh my goodness. She just died like that. Overnight! So unexpected and what a tragedy. Will go for the funeral wake maybe tomorrow night.

Anyway, this is just a post to remind me how many houses I have stayed in the last few decades.

Born in Bayan Lepas, moved to Sg Nibong at 14 years old.
Moved to Hillside at 21 years old.
Moved to Kampar Road a few months after that because boyfriend stayed there.
Moved to Seberang Jaya another few months after that because we lived in and it is cheaper to stay in Butterworth as boyfriend worked in Prai.
Moved from one Mr. Lingam’s flat after a few months to upstair unit because the Chinese woman came to lure us with better renovated flat.
Moved to Taman Seri Nibong flat later on.
Got married, got pregnant, got baby.
Got another baby.
Moved to own apartment in Bukit Jambul.
Moved to own house in Sungai Ara.
Had another baby.
Then, another baby.
Baby #4 was warded in Lam Wah Ee ICU so it was easier for me to move to current
apartment. Rented one apartment here around January 2002 because I couldn’t pick my two older boys from primary school back then.

Poor two older boys took the bas sekolah from St. Xavier Air Itam to Sungai Ara and only reached home at 4 pm! We decided to immediately get an apartment next to St. Xavier.

Stayed here until I had baby #5. We bought a unit of apartment and officially moved in here when I got home from hospital after having baby #5. (Chinese taboo to move house during pregnancy so I waited)

That’s like almost seven years living in current apartment.

We are running out of space. So, my smart accountant hubby made some calculations. Buying a house in the urban area that can comfortably fits us is beyond our reach because it costs over RM1million. We are not willing to move out of Penang or go anywhere out of the urban area because the kids have to go to school and college in town.

We found this house which goes for a little over RM1K in rental. Our apartment can be rented out for about RM800. That means we merely pay a few hundred ringgits per month. Moreover, we don’t expect our sons to live with us forever. Next time, when one or two of them have gone overseas to continue their studies or moved out to live on their own, then, we can move back and live in our own apartment again.

From the above, I found that I have lived in 11 different places in all my 45 years of life. Nice….

I won’t be putting up new posts on the top in the next few days. You need to scroll down a bit.

Anyway, I doubt I have time to write much. I am now resting for a while because I had been out since this morning. Tomorrow involves changing school for my little boy. I hope the education dept. doesn’t kick up a fuss over this or else I will need to drive much further. Then, there is the telephone, Astro and other stuffs to do. Lucky hubby is off the whole of this week.