Twitter Updates for 2009-09-22

  • So long farewell, my Streamyx is getting cut off to go to new home. (3rd world technology needs 3 days) #
  • Given a choice, wud u prefer to die with prior notice or die without notice? I wud want the latter. #
  • Youtube is like a cesspool for moron commentors. Should I just disable comments on all videos or let those wankers run free? #
  • All the ADuNs, DCMs, MPs no 'hiu' me n never mail any press statement or press con. Ish, their boss oredi asked them to c.c to me. Tiu #
  • Tooth fairies r very generous nowadays. My boy lost his front tooth n get RM50 fm tooth fairy. That goes to Bakugan which costs RM49.90. #
  • RT @kristinyang: @5xmom lol. She asked for it wad. Gold digging is the new career these days :p (Girls, want a class on gold digging?) #
  • My early 50 yrs old, single female neighbour died of a heart attack last night. Thot is was her elderly mom but no…it's her. Shocking #
  • Must get off the PC and start packing. Arrggh..I need to plow my farm on Farmville and feed my people on Restaurant City sumomore #
  • Things to do : Change school to st xavier brother james rd, apply new astro, and most important GET 4mbps streamyx to work immediately #
  • RT @kristinyang: saw a Siti Nurhaliza ad and omgwtf happened to the sweet Siti we once knew? ? #
  • Out whole morning to get paperworks done n now shopping for dining table & sofa set. Maybe I wl get hubby to paint my room fuschia pink. #

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