Dear son (who is in heaven)

Mommy was sooooo busy yesterday. She doesn’t even have time to recall your birth eight years ago.

But of course, we didn’t exactly forget you. I mentioned about you, being eight years old yesterday and your little brother was jealous! Go figure!

We were in the car, furniture hunting when I suggested that we must stop by Ritz bakery for a cake because it is your birthday. We are always looking for excuses to buy a whole cake from Ritz and your eighth birthday is a good one. Little brother said, “Ohhhh…you love Vincent kor-kor, you don’t love me lah….”

I had to argue with him for a long time, reminding him that he had all the cakes he wanted as and when he wanted. Still, he pouted and kept mumbling….”Ohhhhh…you love Vincent kor-kor lah…you no need to care about me lah…..”

Anyway, we are having fun moving house eventhough it is really tiring.

Now, the stove is working. The washing machine and dryer are ready. The two fridges are working. The oven will be done later. Our bed is not ready because we lost some screws and your Papa has to go find where he kept those special screws for the bed. LOL, we cannot screw without those special screws.

While moving, we found some of your old photos. You were such a chubby baby then. I suppose you would have fun at home if you are still around. But then, I guess your little brother will be so jealous he will be green.

Oh ya, the first thing mommy put up are the photos of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary. The funny thing is your papa thought Mother Mary is Jesus. On second look, they probably intentionally made the paintings look so. Or maybe the artist’s drawing skill is so terrible, he cannot draw a difference between a man and a woman. Whatever..

Your three older brothers said mommy has an obsession with Jesus because I have the paintings of Jesus in the living room. I told them these paintings are to drive away the devils. Muahahar….. Then, they started scaring mommy with all the ghost stories. I warned them if they continue to do that, I am going to stay in my room and no one is to have any hot mug of Milo because I am not going downstairs.

Anyway….I hope you have a good time in Heaven. And yes, we didn’t forget you. Say hi to Jesus for us! Happy eighth birthday, Vincent.

8 thoughts on “Dear son (who is in heaven)

  1. Heart feels really heavy reading this, was holding back my tears…
    Your Vincent is definitely having a blast of time in Heaven with JC and Mother. Anyway, will include Vincent in my prayers tonite…
    Btw, your Matthew is so cute in pictures, feel like pinching his cheeks, is he cheeky?
    Happy moving to new house…

  2. tkns Vincent, for u were d one will lead me 2yr mom so many years ago. and pls give a hug n kiss 2 Serena whenever u play with her. muaks

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