Life is so relaxing without the news and politics

I have internet access but didn’t have time to sit down and read the news. For several days, I only read emails but did not have time to reply or work on it. So, life was so relaxing. Maybe I should just go back to be a housewife. Like WIFE as in washing, ironing, f-king, etc. Get the joke?

I don’t make videos about the community or any citizen journalism thingie. The most profound photos I take are views from my bedroom.


Who cares about what what eviction problems or high density problems? All I see is views from my bedroom.


The hardest decision I have to make is whether to take the master bedroom at the front or the room at the back. Since I know a bit of fengshui (not that it is anything related to idol worshiping but basic commonsense), I chose the back room as it is quieter.

I told my sons it is the southeast corner, the love corner. I am going to make a love nest out of it. Paint it all pink. #1 son said, “Ya, go put red light, we don’t care.” #2 son said, “Oh my gawd….I am going to have a little brother soon!”


We inherited this old settee from the landlady. We are thinking of shoving it to the store room and buy a new set. That is if we can find and agree on a set. Anyway, the old settee is mighty comfortable but looks worn out.


We saw this fuchsia pinkish, lips shape, heart shape cushion couch. I say it is pink but my hubby and sons said it is red. Doh…men! Their eyes see basic colours only. We wanted to buy but it is rather stiff and not comfy.


Then, there is this smashing orange (my photo colour is misleading) set with beige/white cushions. But my sons will make the white cushion gray in no time.

So, we are still sofa hunting. Since we are such cheapskates and only want a cheap sofa, it is not easy. Something cheap so that we can just throw them away in two years time.

You know what? Some furniture are so darn expensive, the cost of it can buy a low cost flat for a poor family. One dining set costs RM18K. A huge sofa set costs RM25K. Are they mad or what? Why need to spend so much on some miserable furniture huh?

Oh ya, before we can even clear out our old apartment, three families are already fighting to rent it. We haven’t agree because we don’t know when we can clear the mess over there. So much things to throw and sort.

Busy, busy, busy.

4 thoughts on “Life is so relaxing without the news and politics

  1. Happy housewarming! May happiness & love move in with you.
    Is your house similar to the house in the photo? It’s huge!

  2. Danielle – That is if I can afford to fork out RM1.3million for the house and then, spend another RM400K on renovations. Otherwise, the one I rented is a double-storey terrace house with terrazo and mosaic floor (imagine the 70s house materials?).

    apa nama – Wait lah, I don’t even know the postcode.

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