Dr. Teng, why don’t you stroke your own pen?

I had wanted to write this but was caught up with house moving so I didn’t manage to hit while the iron is hot.

Few days ago, there is a report in Malaysiakini where Datuk Dr. Teng Hock Nan openly told media that CM Lim Guan Eng could have saved Kampung Buah Pala with a stroke of pen. I was very pissed with that sort of statement, coming from what was supposed to be one of the candidate vying for the Chief Minister position before the last general election.

Of course, it is open knowledge that I am a fan of CM Lim. But that’s not my main discontentment. It is not about Lim Guan Eng. It is about Penang.

The statement from Datuk Dr. Teng is deemed very mischievous and irresponsible. He, being a Penangite and also in Gerakan should have known that the Kampung Buah Pala issue had been turned into a racial issue. Therefore, if he is responsible and love peace and harmony in Penang, he would have kept his mouth shut instead of adding fuel to fire.

Makkal Sakthi, Hindraf and MIC had gone into Kampung Buah Pala to turn the residents against the Chinese. Their members have added salt to the wounds of the affected residents and put the blame on the Chinese Chief Minister and Chinese developer. I had been there and know what kind of racial tauntings the ‘imported’ demonstrators are capable of uttering.

Instead of letting the issue die down quietly, Datuk Dr. Teng had once again attempted to start another round of animosities and hostilities between the Indians and Chinese.

Therefore, Dr. Teng, I am so very thankful that a person like you had failed to be our Chief Minister. Otherwise, I wonder what our Penang state will turn into with a person like you who have only your own interests and not the whole state.

Oh yeah, Dr. Teng, you asked CM Lim to ‘stroke of a pen’ to save Kampung Buah Pala without giving second thought to the repercussion. It would have been RM150 million of our Penangites’ money. You are merely blowing hot air, Dr. Teng. I can bet that if it had been you who is the CM, the Kampung Buah Pala folks wouldn’t even have a chance to see you. Probably, they would have taken the RM75K flat and nothing else. Here, CM Lim and his deputies had endured name callings, barging into his office and all sorts of disrespectful manners and they still open their doors to the Kampung Buah Pala folks.

Many years ago, you refused to stroke of a pen to give me a valid medical certificate because you wanted to remain the ‘clean panel of company doctors who don’t issue MCs’. I was really sick and yet, you refused to sign the MC because you want to remain in the good books of my bosses. I had no voice, a bad inflamed tonsils and had fever and yet, you dare not stroke your pen. Now, you want to act hero and talk big. Come on lah, don’t try to fool us. We are not easily fooled. Remember? We Penangites voted all of you out of Penang?

And to those people who are trying to challenge the Chief Minister of Penang to a debate, I think I have something to tell you. This is CM Lim’s favourite blast to people like that. “Ambil cermin, tengok muka sendiri” Who are you people lah? You think our CM has nothing better to do than to argue with a bunch of kiddoes ah? The only reason he challenged ex-CM is because he could mince the ex-CM like a teppanyaki chef. Chop chop chop, mince mince mince, grill grill grill and swallow.

Moral of the story : Hell hath no fury like an ex-executive secretary who was denied MC because a chicken doc dare not stroke his pen.

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  1. born free – That’s what I was trying to steer last night. The whole forum was about the past and I was trying to ask what Gerakan is going to do from here because their role is important in making sure the developer and the state government deliver the homes as promised. A good governance means both opposition (Gerakan/BN) and ruling government (DAP/PR) working together,maybe from opposing sides but with the aim of helping the people. But I buta-buta got shouted by Gerakan Youth pulak. Hahaha, not that I care.

  2. So u were there. The participants are right. Instead of asking PR rep to the forum, why not ask their chief to clarify, that’s the best opportunity to assure the people that the fault doesn’t lie with the previous state govt. So the head is not there, probably busy with KPIs, but expect someone else to clarify. What’s that to clarify when houses already been demolished and compensation agreed upon. These guys trying to rub salts into the wounds la, but the wounds almost heal oredi ma!
    See, gerakan should contribute in better ways – eg. organising school children – those after UPSR and PMR for heritage tours, for community social work, eco-green projects,etc. Other things like provide constructive plans to improve the state library, etc.

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