Twitter Updates for 2009-09-28

  • Video editing at Starbucks. Wonder if Mkini-ICFJ pays for my 30bucks breakfast? #
  • Men shudn't bitch bcoz they look idiotic. Women who bitch looks cool. Some stupid nerdy guy scolding the Starbucks staff when I stepped in. #
  • Arrggh demotix has durga puja, i got awesome pics but this shitty line doesn't allow me to upload my pics. I hate you Malaysia broadband~ #
  • is plactising lolling her tongue to plonounce the Hindu goddesses' names pohpehli, I mean prrrroperly. #
  • Streamyass took hrs to cut my line but five days already yet to transfer. Fark 'em. #
  • Had a wonderful time learning abt Hinduism. Got some awesome pics from the Navarathiri. Counted my fotos n I took more cows pic than LGE #
  • I asked LGE, "CM, debate?" He said, "Him ah? Aiyah, anytime, anywhere." So, Ah Khoon, are you going to chicken out? #

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