Sometimes I feel like one of those Hindu goddesses

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I went to the Shree Mariamamman temple at Queen Street today. I reached there early because I wanted to interview the temple caretaker to find out about Hinduism. It is so nice to be back doing CJ stuff. It is especially good because I am covering religious tolerance which is one of the three main topics we CJs who are trained by ICFJ-Malaysiakini are supposed to focus on. The other two are the environment and human rights.

You know what? I think some of my videos have been pretty lame recently because I am like promoting Penang tourism or promoting LGE. Talking about LGE, today, all of us photographers and videographers were taking pictures of the two huge bulls who are supposed to pull the bullock cart carrying the goddess Durga statue. I was about to blurt out, 5xmom style to the CM, “Hey, CM, look! The cows have more attention today.” (normally, people snapped his photo, you see) But lucky, I held my tongue and asked him, “CM, debate?” He knew what I was getting at and he said, “Him ah? Aiyah….any time, any day.” Of course, today, I am not in the mood for politics, Kampung Buah Pala or any real news.

All I want to do was to film the Navarathiri or nine-nights festival. It is actually a celebration very much like Kew Ong Yeah or nine emperor god. Since the Chinese have a leap year or what you call the extra month, it doesn’t collide with the Kew Ong Yeah procession.

I reached the temple at 5.30 pm but the procession only took off around 7.15 pm. So, I had a long time to explore the inside of the Sri Mariamamman temple and talked to the president of the temple trustee (or something like that). There are lots of goddess statues in the temple and most of them have four hands to six hands (or is it eight?) I stood there and wonder why they have that many hands.

Finally, someone told me Amman means mother. I dare not ask if Mariam then means, the name Mariam? You know what? I have always see a lot of similarities of Lord Murugan’s story to Lord Jesus’s story on earth. But of course, I wouldn’t dare to ask a direct question without getting lynched by both sides. So, it shall be a mystery to me.

Now, how do I related the many hands to me? Well, we mothers are like that. We have so many roles and so many things to do. I guess all of us mothers too have that many hands, except that we probably don’t see it that way.

For example, this morning, I rushed to my son’s primary school (for year 2010). I tried to kecek-kecek the school clerk to help me submit the penukaran sekolah. She tried but my submission is too late. So, she asked me to go to the Pejabat Pelarajaran (or whatever). I drove all the way to Rifle Range post office to buy ONE single 50 sen stamp, drove to town to the Pejabat.

Reached there and kecek-kecek the kakak there. “Selamat pagi dan selamat Hari Raya, cik.” (though she looks older than me) But then, I think I look younger only cos many times, I called people kak, only to find out they are younger than me. *admiring self for not looking 45 years yet*

But this time, my bodek doesn’t work. She marah-marah and told me I cannot submit the form like that. I must wait till November. She got misai on her upper lip and I guess she must be going through menopause. Women who has lesser female hormones will develop a bad temper, you know. “Eleh, jangan marah, sekolah yang bagi form kat saya, dia orang suruh saya datang sini…” Still, I kena marah-marah. Ish.

After that, hubby conveniently asked me to go to Astro and apply for a new account. Then, I drove all the way back to my old home to pack some things. Then, I picked my son. Came back, rest a while and go through his homework.

Later in the day, I went to ber-CJ-ing. That’s how I think I have many hands. I seemed to be doing so many things in a day, don’t you think so?

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  1. Foong – Kena look out for the notice in the newspaper wor….LOL, you got read newspapers ah? Normally, they call for registration around 4-5 yrs old.

  2. heheh…I got fatal flaw lah..never read newspaper wan…amazing n unbelievable isn’t it? I usually browse news online onii…no need to dirty fingers with the newsprint and no need to wade through tonnes of rubbish.

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