Pakatan Rakyat ‘marital woes’ ought to end cos honeymoon is over, folks!

A few of the Pakatan Rakyat politicians have used the analogy of a marriage to explain some of their teething problems. Sure, we don’t expect them to become good chums overnight.

But as the months go by, it seems that they are having more and more problems. Although their leaders are quick to get together, sit together, talk together, shake hands, eat ketupat, murukku and yee sang together and pat each other’s back together…..whenever there is a crisis amongst their politicians, these sort of ‘good examples’ don’t last long.

As voters and supporters of the Dream Team (not that we have other choices LOL), we are getting tired of watching all the egos at play.

Maybe I will play the kepochee and point out what are some of the factors:

1) DAP generally is very much a Chinese party. Yes, their politicians mostly speak English but they are very, very Cina ahpeks and ah ees in thinking. Meanwhile, I notice the Chinese politicians from PKR are so much more Malaysians. For example, Tian Chua, Sim, Law Choo Kiang and Jason. I am not sure why but there is a distinctive difference between these politicians. Maybe, DAP can swallow some Chinese pride and accept that some of their politicians need to be ‘Malaysianised’ a bit.

Constantly repeating they are a people’s government is not the same as publicly displaying they are the people’s servants, you know?

2) I have seen some very egoistic DAP fellas. Well…..not only in the Dewan and Parliament but even those normal members too are rather lansi after March 8, 2008. Of course, they have all the rights to be lansi now because their big boss is the leader already. But you know what? The best favour they can do is to be extra humble and serve more because they are now the ruling party.

I have been to some events and sadly, only the ADuns (whether PKR or DAP) and their special assistants are sloughing it out. Hey, I thought people join political parties to serve the community? No meh? Where are all those campaign workers and members when there are community events? You know…sometimes extra pair of hands to help old folks fill up forms and etc is not such a difficult task to do.

3) Communication problems! How many times have we voters seen stupid, petty, simple gaduh-gaduh cropped up and get featured in the mainstream media? Most of the mainstream media are the devil’s advocate, playing with words to get each other rile up. And sadly, these politicians from the coalition parties took the bait and mudsling each other in public, much to the amusement of BN and the rakyats.

Doesn’t PR has some central body to deal with their press statements and some form of control to see that the parties under PR do not openly bitch fights? We have seen enough of Samy versus Tun M, Ong versus Chua and etc. We expect Pakatan Rakyat to have more grace.

LOL, lucky I am not into politics or I shall be a dictator. Anyway, I see better management from LKS than DSAI. Sometimes, DSAI really puzzles me because he is like the cincai father who lets his kids run wild. Same goes for PAS. There is a difference between empowering your subordinates and not having control over them.

How many times have we heard of assemblymen gone missing? Some even jumped ship and cause the whole state to sink. Do assemblymen really have that much freedom of disappearing?

I don’t know lah. I’ve never been near any political parties. Never like politicians cos they are full of bullshits. Their members are even scarier cos some talk like they are playing Chinese chess. But basically, I think running a political party is the same as running a corporate company. There has to be a big boss and his word is final.

And after crapping 600 words above, do I have a solution? Nay…politicians are full of bullshits. Of course, with the exception of few good men whom I admire and respect.

Eh, all you trolls. I am not interested to hear your views. Cos in my blog, only I get to give opinions. All you trolls have no rights to talk, ok? Remember? I am a dictator, worst than Idi Amin. (my CJ sifu said so)

12 thoughts on “Pakatan Rakyat ‘marital woes’ ought to end cos honeymoon is over, folks!

  1. Lilian – I concur with your observation. I am sure your article can pak cheh some numbskulls thinking they own the world and everyone owes them a living. I believe the panas baran fella needs to issue a press statement to rectify. I am glad that you chose this article as an opportunity to tell people off. I have been a party member for 20 years. Never been snobbish and arrogant….I only wish some of these bloks will “kuan cheh” before they “si sua”

  2. The idea that PR is going to get into Federal Govt purely on their own effort is a drream. No matter how you look at it, PR is going to get in because BN mess up. And here analyst talk as if BN behaviour is always rational. Its a feudal system, outdated and what happens when old system meet modern demands? It collapses. BN cannot reform – that is for granted. And its not even an issue of how bad they can screw up. They have been and will again. Its how badly BN can screw up relative to increase demands!!! Do not underestimate prodigal children ability to blow away everything.. It will astound you. I have seen many many fortunes blown away by prodigality in my lifetime and BN have all the signs they will do the same…

  3. Not only I have the right to talk, I also have the right to point out that name calling just isn’t the way a good Catholic should do

    You have a nice day, Lilian

  4. kembong – No you don’t have a right to talk in my blog. I only allow it because you are dead funny and my other readers love entertainment. We especially love religious nutz like you.

    Foong – Tiu, wrong name. I mean the longkang Law, what’s his name arh? Not this rojak/laksa Law.

    Bigjoe – LOL, you are very ‘deep’.

    JC – 🙂

  5. Lolz @ kalambong.. funny la

    Seriously all politicians same ni.. once they get the power, it goes up to their head.. PR can be okay.. they just need to have a better communication amongst party and only let “certain” people make press statement.. any problems resolve internally.. then they are fine… haih..

  6. niamah, i really damn beh tahan oredi. SHADDAP la kalambong! who are u to judge whether lilian is a good catholic or not?? unless u r jesus himself, just SHUT THE EFF UP!!!

    and lilian, this sounds like another article that will appear in MT!

  7. sy – Kembung fish forgets that God loves the sinners and will save the one lost sheep. Meekkkkkk, mekkkkk, mekkkkk….

    I hope no more MT or LKS lah. That’s where all the weirdoes come from lor.

  8. yo,

    if u can c it, do u not think those ‘leaders’ can too?
    there are just 2 many slimy eels and ular in the pond ord.

    is just like the Ms Universe beauty contest, those tht are really truly pretty seldom enter the pageant.

  9. kalambong:
    I like you. You remind me of Rev. Shayne played by Anthony Perkins in “Crimes Of Passion”. Give us more of the holy shit.

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