Twitter Updates for 2009-09-30

  • Adakah Wayne London dan Kerismooodin sedang bermain wayang? Adakah mereka sepangsa sekarang? Cara halus untuk Wayne balik jadi wira? #
  • Now it is my left eye that cannot blardy stop twitching. It is blardy annoying, ok? #
  • I have forgotten how good it is to just do nothing. Nice…nice weather, nice birds chirping and nice internet connection (borrowed of coz) #
  • September's over #
  • I hate steamass bcos of their incompetency, I got to share my PC and Mac with my sons. Arrggh..the agonies, the inconveniences, the torture #
  • Does it freak you out that another year is coming to an end? What have you achieved so far? #
  • My 6 yo google Youtube, watching Girls Generation n when I peeked, he said, "What?!?! kenot follow Jeff ko-ko ah?" Now reading my twitter #
  • Citizen journalism in Malaysia – By whose standard do we measure? #
  • I think DPM needs to ask Tok Tempe petua jaga muka cos his dark patch is getting bigger lately. Whitening tempe, berape Tok? #
  • Youtube generation kid says : Mom! Faster take photo of Gingee Jr show Ah Ying Che-che, MMS to Papa n put youtube for whole world see! #
  • RT @starwing: – Tsunami Watch cancelled. Guess @5xmom is more powderful than the tsunami. (Tsunami sked tsuniamah x 5 LOL mah) #
  • RT @Asohan: Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre cancels its warning for Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Thailand (cheh…) #
  • Batteries charged, video cam ready, am going to snoop around the beach hotels later cos they r within walking distance. #
  • RT @starwing: @5xmom auntie .. Lucky you stay high high up. Prepare video camera with night mode and shoot tonight okay ? (Oh yesssss, cum!) #
  • Re-cycled post on the fateful tsunami that hit Penang in December 2004 . Seems that tremors are happening more often #
  • Today is Weirdoes Wednesday #
  • RT @anthraxxxx: "1Malaysia concept espoused by PM was being translated on the ground by picking Isa" – Koh Tsu Koon aka 1KakiBodek Web 5.0 #
  • The police shud patrol n catch real criminals instead of standing in bushes to stop old men n makcik who forget to renew motorbike licence. #
  • LOL, for a second, I thot Siti Nurhaliza punya Datuk K nak kahwin Umie Aida pulak. Rupa-rupanya, Datuk K yang lain. #
  • Oh…got some anniversary dinner coming, no wonder someone act hero lah. #
  • Freaky weather. Tide is so high, wind so strong, cloudy….but where the heck is the much needed rain? #
  • Can u farking believe this? Before stimass can come to instal my line, they say they got technical problems wor. KNN. #

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