Kugan’s death – An eye for an eye is not enough

I feel kind of cheated. I don’t know about others but I feel short-changed. What more Kugan’s family?

The poor, bereaved mother had to endure many trips to the courts, only to be told, time after time that the case is postponed. Finally, she attempted to go to the palace to meet the King. Which of course, she failed to do so.

After so long, the police wants to charge one policeman for causing grievous hurt.

What? Only one policeman? Grievous hurt only?

And I feel kind of weird that the policeman is an Indian.

I do not want to speculate but I think the urgency has to do with the upcoming by-election in Bagan Pinang where Indians are the kingmaker.

Many of us are jaded. Someone said to me, “there are many thieves, muggers, robbers out there, how can we pity them?” It is kind of shocking but many people have prejudices. I personally feel that once we become this jaded, not able to feel for the family and not even keen to know about Kugan’s case, we are seriously in trouble.

That’s when no one is interested to fight for the bigger picture. The big picture is about justice and upholding the law. There is no proof that Kugan was a thief. The family said they didn’t get any document from the police to show why Kugan was detained. So, he died, badly beaten and many of us just don’t care.

When we cannot feel any sympathy or the need to at least take an interest, then, we are not totally living. If we cannot feel sad for Kugan’s mom, we cannot feel happiness or thanksgiving with our own lives either.

The above video was shot on July 2nd, 2009 when I was in Malaysiakini’s office for training. I was assigned to interview Kugan’s mom and that assignment has opened my eyes a lot.

So, I pray that Kugan’s family will find the closure they badly need to move on with their lives. I know they are not seeking an eye for an eye but an explanation why Kugan was detained and to clear Kugan’s name. I hope Kugan has not died in vain.

2 thoughts on “Kugan’s death – An eye for an eye is not enough

  1. our voters are far too short sighted in general i think. it’s ironic to think tht a simple measure like showing some action will pull the voters to their sides.

    but tht’s life in Malaysia.

    honestly speaking, the more I think of it, the more despair I become. why don I emigrate some ask??

    I reply Malaysia is where I was born , it’s my home. I have as much birth right as any other in Boleh Land. yup even Halim, Ibrahim and Mohamed.

  2. JT – It is disgusting lor, how they will only react when they think it will favour them and then, tidak apa when it doesn’t. The feelings of the family members are nothing lor. If I haven’t seen the pain in the eyes of the mother, grandmother and aunty, I probably wouldn’t feel so frustrated. But I personally saw it and it is a disgrace that our people are allowed to be treated that way while
    ‘they’ continue to twist and turn the law for their own gains.

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