Little nuggets I picked up in my citizen journalism path

One of the most rewarding thing being a citizen journalist is the opportunities for us to meet people. When we have a press tag hanging on our neck (I usually put it on when I am on the job), people tend to be more welcoming and less suspicious. It is a heavy responsibility to have that tag on the neck.

However, citizen journalism or not, I always remind myself to open my eyes, open my heart and see what I am supposed to see. Normally, I pray first before I embark on a new assignment. Jesus, my imaginary passenger at the back seat, will have to listen to my nagging. “Lord, show me what You want me to see.”

So, there was this one morning when I headed out to Tanjong Tokong, not sure what I was supposed to do. I wanted to phone some ‘real reporter’ friends for contacts but I decided to do it alone because that way, I am not fed with the same story. Therefore, I ronda around the market first to gauge the situation.

The above short video clip is something I shot randomly. I find the Indian woman to be such an inspiration to me.

There she was at corner, sitting on a pile of newspapers, smiling at me. Her bright smile is full of hope. She was sitting next to this other vendor who is selling a wide range of local herbs and vegetables. Meanwhile, she has only some really sad looking curry leaves.

The leaves are dried and had dropped from the tangkai (I forgot the term when I was talking to her). Most people would have thrown away the leaves if it is in that stage. But she was very hopeful of selling them for 50 cents per pile.

I know I wouldn’t want to buy from her if I am there to buy curry leaves. But somehow, her cheerfulness probably get a few people to overlook the withered leaves. She had sold RM2 of things. On normal days, she said she can get at least RM4-RM5 per day. The curry leaves are plucked from her friend’s house.

I find her very inspiring. Such cheerfulness inspite of the difficult life. It is people like these that makes it worthwhile to walk around and continue video journalism. It was a very hot morning that day. I have other assignment to be done then. But if I ever find time again, I will want to know her more.

And I thank God for everything.

4 thoughts on “Little nuggets I picked up in my citizen journalism path

  1. So pitiful, I just feel like buying all her leaves and…probably store it in the fridge and not use it at all.

  2. June – Thanks for the comment. Glad this video touched a heart.

    Mindy – Ya, it is a good reminder to all of us, right? Maybe next time I will be more aware of those small time traders than large stalls, just to help chip a bit of our blessings for the dignity of our fellow Malaysians.

  3. still got very unfortunate people here in malaysia.. i can’t imagine what it’s like to live on 150 ringgit a month..

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