A) Fat woman/ok looking man = that woman must be rich

Today, at the hawker’s centre, I saw this fat woman who has this plain Jane’s look. Her hair, her clothes and just about everything is so plain. When I say fat, you can imagine really fat because I am already fat jor, so if I say fat, means really fat, ok?

Next to her, was an ok-looking man. Not fat, wears quite ok, looks not bad.

Their food came. She pays. They have a bucket of Tiger beer on the table.

The guy sat very close to her, their knees touching one another. *What!!! My food was slow so I was just observing the scenes mah*

My perception is – She must be rich and the guy is after her money. Or he is trying to sell her a fat insurance policy. Or she is his boss’s wife. Nothing else.

B) Asian women (especially Filipinos), busty, perky butts, sexy with gwailoes = it is all about sex

The moment I see such pairs, which by the way are many in a touristy island like Penang and where I am now staying, the images of Asian p o r n (must not spell it or else Google take away my ads) flashed in my mind. The gwailoes are only after one thing – sex. The women are only after one thing – money.

C) Chinese women with gwailoes = She is an SPG

People are going to whack me for this. But when a Chinese woman goes after a gwailo, it simply means gwailoes are better than Chinese. If I am a Chinese man, I will feel very insulted.

D) Indian women with gwailoes = Gwailoes love their exotic looks

I worked in a German company before and German men just love Indian women. They never lift an eye for Chinese, only Indian. They find Indian women more feminine and more exotic. And I tend to agree.

E) All bloggers are weirdoes who need a life. They talked too much and the world is better without them around.

BONUS : If any woman who is above 40 yrs old and still single/no boyfriend, then, she must be damn fussy and no man can stand her. She must be also damn errrm…ok, I don’t want to say further, you know my cucumber story already.

Now I know everyone agrees with this statement.

So, what say you to A-D. Misconceptions or there is some truth in them?

P/S : Don’t give me any prude comments like, we are all created the same and we are all beautiful and you should not judge yadda yadda yadda….Take your frigid self elsewhere lah. It is Friday and time to let your thoughts run free, ok?